My Thoughts On Shadow Warrior (PS4) Review

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Review for Shadow Warrior (2013)

Shadow Warrior (2013) is a first person shooter and is in my opinion a steller remake of the 1997 game of the same name. In Shadow Warrior (2013) players control Lo Wang, and Asian-American assassin who needs to find three pieces of a legendary sword called the nobitsura kage.

Whilst his name is a running penis joke, Lo Wang needs to battle through scores of demons in order to achieve victory and the games 17 chapters or around 15 campaign hours does manage to impress. During the campaign players amass a variety of weapons to help them fight the forces of hell from Wang’s handy katana, to SMG’s, crossbows and even a grenade launcher.

Aiding Wang is also the upgrade systems which focus on Ki (Chi) abilities, gun and skill upgrades which all feel new and exciting to purchase, especially as stringing together some of the games more complex and devastating moves makes you feel like a god. What also helps here is their ability to be activated by a double tap of the directional controls or by using the PS4’s touchpad.

Even the acting is pretty impressive for a 2013 game with the contrasting banter between Wang, his demonic sidekick Hoji, and the sombra backstory working rather nicely. Graphically Shadow Warrior (2013) won’t overly impress as human enemies and in some regards Wang himself looking oddly haphazard and substandard, though demonic designs do far slightly better and the range of enemy types does help distract from this as well.

Shadow Warrior (2013) keeps the pace feeling fast throughout and the lack of a block / parry ability, whilst at first seems a little odd, doesn’t become much of an issue as you mow down hordes of demonic forces in a flurry of katana attacks. Using the katana even became so fun that I refrained from using guns for some parts of the story.

Level design also has a decent variety with players fighting in ancient Japanese fortresses to sewers, fiery demon dimensions to stormy ports and more. All of these areas are designed to accommodate large battles against dozens of enemies, and they fully make use of this especially later in the game - additionally these areas are stuffed full of secret areas, and in game secrets that actively encourage exploration rather than running and gunning through the levels.

Ultimately Shadow Warrior (2013) features a long and fulfilling campaign, filled with witty banter and one line quips and will keep players entertained throughout with its fast paced action.

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