How to Replace the Thermostat on a 2005-2011 Mercedes ML350 W164

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Mercedes Thermostat Replacement DIY

Error code p0128 on your Mercedes is not the end of the world. This video will show you how to fix your Mercedes code p0128 which is a coolant/thermostat issue. Support the channel by getting this part through this affiliate site: 2:22 Coolant Drain Plug 5:05 Thermostat Overview 10:24 Pulley Removal 12:12 Serpentine Belt Removal 14:55 Thermostat Removal 15:48 Thermostat Internal View 17:09 Old Gasket Removal/Clean Up 17:56 New Gasket Install 19:36 Thermostat Install 25:57 Hose Install Detailed step by step video on how to replace your thermostat on ML350, E350, C Class, and other models Be sure to check out my Blog on this and other repairs: closed caption Afrikaans closed caption Arabic closed caption Armenian closed caption Chinese (Taiwan) closed caption Chinese (Traditional) closed caption Croatian closed caption Dutch (Netherlands) closed caption English closed caption Filipino closed caption Finnish closed caption French closed caption French (France) closed caption German (Germany) closed caption Hebrew closed caption Hindi closed caption Hungarian closed caption Icelandic closed caption Indonesian closed caption Italian closed caption Japanese closed caption Latvian closed caption Persian (Iran) closed caption Polish closed caption Portuguese (Brazil) closed caption Portuguese (Portugal) closed caption Punjabi closed caption Russian closed caption Serbian closed caption Spanish (Latin America) closed caption Spanish (Mexico) closed caption Spanish (Spain) closed caption Swahili closed caption Ukrainian closed caption Vietnamese closed caption Zulu closed caption English

2011 Mercedes-Benz ML350 4matic water pump replacement

Recommend purchasing Haynes manual for this procedure.

Mercedes Thermostat Replacement (W204 C300) FCP Euro

Get the kit & DIY ► We're here today with Gareth Foley to show you how to replace the thermostat on a 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 Sport. Mercedes Thermostat Kit (M272) - Wahler 2722000415KIT Mercedes Coolant Thermostat (M272) - Wahler 2722000115

Mercedes OIL Level Check Via Secret Menu | iRepair Autos

Check your oil Level on your Mercedes without ever going under the hood which can be messy and inconvenient. Watch and see how to do it from your steering wheel/cluster in this video.

Thermostat Replacement - C Class - W204 - Mercedes-Benz

Thermostat Replacement Time: 2 hours Tab: $100 to $180 Talent: 2 Tools: 17mm socket, E12, E10 Torx socket, flathead screwdriver, floorjack, jack stands, wheel chocks, safety glasses, torque wrench Applicable Models: Mercedes-Benz C350 (2007-14) Mercedes-Benz CLK350 (2006-09) Mercedes-Benz E350 (2006-14) Mercedes-Benz GLK350 (2010-12) Mercedes-Benz ML350 (2006-14) Mercedes-Benz R350 (2006-12) Mercedes-Benz S350 (2006, 2012-13) Mercedes-Benz SLK350 (2005-14) Parts Required: Thermostat Hot Tip: Work on a cool car Performance Gain: Proper operating temperature Complementary Modification: Flush the radiator The thermostat helps control the engine's temperature. If your car is running too hot and there is the proper amount of coolant in the car and it is not leaking, or your car is taking a long time to warm up, there is a very good chance that your thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced. If you are going to be working on the thermostat, make sure the car is cool and not under pressure. Working on a hot engine or one under pressure can cause serious harm (coolant is also very toxic) and should never be attempted. Coolant needs to be collected and disposed of in accordance with your local regulations. Pouring coolant down a drain or into the street is illegal. Also, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after working around it. Coolants last a much longer time than they did in the past so if your coolant is still good there is no need to dispose of it. Drain it into a clean container, and you can reuse it. If your coolant is old this is a great time to drain and flush the complete system. Please see our article on coolant drain and flush for additional assistance with that project. Car taking a long time to warm up or running too hot? Chances are you need a new thermostat. Applies to: C350 (2007-14), SLK350 (2004-14), CLS350 (2004-14), CLK350 (2005-14), E350 (2005-14), S350 (2005-14), SL350 (2005-14), R350 (2006-14), ML350 (2006-14), Viano (2005-14), Sprinter (2006-14), CLC350 (2008-14), GLK350 (2008-12)

Brian Eslick from How to Automotive takes you step-by-step through the process of replacing the thermostat on a 2005-2011 Mercedes ML350 W164.

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