Repair your TPMS sensor--don't replace it! New DIY reCore® TPMS Stem Repair kit launched!

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Install New TPMS Sensor DIY Without Needing Rebalance

Break the seal on your tire to install new TPMS sensors yourself without needing to balance your tires again after. Do this if you are replacing an existing TPMS sensor, or if you are adding a sensor where you had a regular rubber valve before. I am installing Autel MX Sensors in my winter tires. In my previous video, I showed you how to program these sensors. If you missed that, watch it here: You can order these sensors online: 315MHz MX Sensor Metal stem (eBay - from China): Metal stem ( - shipped from US): Rubber stem (eBay - from China): 443MHz MX Sensor Metal stem (eBay - from China): Metal stem ( - shipped from US): Rubber stem (eBay - from China): Note: All links are affiliate links, meaning that when you use these links, I get a percentage of anything you spend, at no cost to you. This helps me justify to my wife spending time on these videos. Thank you! :)

How To Diagnose And Repair The TPMS System

Is your TPMS light on ?Here is some easy advice that may save you a lot of trouble.Don't over look such an easy repair. This is the link for the digital tire pressure gauge.

NEVER use tire shine AGAIN! Try THIS instead.

Use THIS instead of tire shine that doesn't work! This is much better, trust me! If you'd like to see more stuff like this, let me know! Creative Detail Solutions Shreveport, LA (318)834-6137 __ Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and turn notifications on! Be sure to drop a like and/or comment on what you think about this video and what else you want to see! Feedback is greatly appreciated! __ If you haven't already, be sure to stop by my Instagram //@itsjusta6

10 Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

Welcome back everyone!. This week I wanted to highlight 10 tools that I currently have in my shop that I think ever woodworker should not only know about, but should own. I often get asked about tools that I have, or get asked how I feel about certain tools. Now, most people that have either been following me or are subscribed to me know that I am a huge supporter of Festool. However, just because I use a lot of their tools, that does not mean that I do not have less expensive tools that are a necessity to my daily work in the shop. This video is my attempt to highlight some of those tools. I took some time to figure out what 10 things I would recommend people invest in that would help with overall efficiency and productivity in the shop. If you want to find out more about the tools that I talk about in this video, or purchase them for your own shop, I will leave links below to all of these tools. To be clear, I am in no way sponsored by any of these companies, or backed by any company for that matter. I simply want to share with all of you what tools, that don't cost an arm and a leg, have made the most drastic difference for me. These are all items that I truly believe in. As always, thank you so much for watching and please don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE! If you aren't following me on Instagram, go over there @bentswoodworking and follow me to keep up with what I am working on from day to day. Also, feel free to send me a DM on IG anytime or leave a comment bellow if you have any questions and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks! Jason Bent Kreg Set Up Blocks Incra Tiny T 24" Bessey Revo Clamp Grex 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Festool CXS Drill Set Bahco Card Scraper Jessem Clear Cut Stock Guides Festool Miter saw Hold Down Clamp Incra Guaranteed Square Woodpeckers Square If you want to learn more about my shop apron, check out the website below. Dragonfly Woodworking and Leather

Altima 2007 Self Diagnostic. A cool trick to save money secret

I recently looked up how to do a self diagnostic on my 2007 Nissan Altima. The sequence goes as follows: 5 10 3 Prior to doing this. There was leak right under my car. I forget the car parts name. Trust me I'm no expert, but I have had this car since late 2007 to present. I didn't think the leak was a big deal. Thought I could fix it myself. Maybe something small I thought. If you skip to 1:35 min. There is a yellow wheel light that's blinking. Ignore it. But below there's the oil drip icon. It was blinking. That one freaked me out. I don't recall if that was on during regular driving mode. But it was enough for me to call the mechanic. Cant say this detects anything or everything.

Ken-Tool has announced its latest solution for the repair of corroded aluminum clamp-in style TPMS valve stems. The reCore®, a patented system, is now be available for the first time for consumers to repair their own damaged sensors. This DIY kit allows the repair of corroded aluminum TPMS valve stems right on the vehicle without having to remove the tire or wheel. It can be done in just a few minutes and does not require reprogramming or relearning of the sensor. Anyone with modest skills and a few simple tools will be able to make this repair and save themselves time and money!

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