The Invisible Hours - The Sailor

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The Invisible Hours - The Final Secret

CONTAINS SPOILERS! I strongly recommend you play the entire game through yourself, as it's much more rewarding. Once you have played the 'main' game, you should should explore the entire house and find all diary entries and clues that you haven't yet discovered. Some of these will give the full context to the mysterious ending captured in the video, so I do recommend you find them first. Follow the Spirit Radio from the start of the story till the end. At the end of the séance the radio will light up, and if you examine it, you will hear a message from Tesla. There is another message to be heard when he dies, in Chapter 0. The radio will be located outside Augustus Vanderberg's room. What a wonderful easter egg hidden deep inside a fantastic game!

The Invisible Hours: Hidden Trophy Guide Part Three (Finale)

In the final segment of the hidden trophy guide, I'll show you where to go to find 3 more hidden trophies: The Hatter, The Chemist, and The Butler.

The Invisible Hours - The Lullaby

The Invisible Hours!/en-us/tid=CUSA08239_00

The Invisible Hours (Xbox One) Achievement Review

The Invisible Hours (Xbox One) Achievement Review Review code provided by Developer and/or Publisher Walkthrough: Title: The Invisible Hours Developer: Tequila Works Publisher: Game Trusts Games Platform: Xbox One Release Date: April 24, 2018 Price: $19.99 Store link: Here at AchievementLand we make early look previews of Xbox One games and also achievement reviews, guides and walkthroughs. Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe! Follow @AchievementLand on Twitter for giveaways!

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The Sailor - Listen to the lullaby.

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