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How to Sell Cars and Advertise on Facebook Like a Boss

Facebook is far and away the most popular social networking site in the world and when they made advertising opportunities available to businesses a few years ago it left many dealerships wondering… CAN YOU ACTUALLY ACHIEVE REAL BUSINESS RESULTS WITH FACEBOOK ADVERTISING? The answer is absolutely YES! To find out How to Sell Cars and Advertise on Facebook Like a Boss, we’re bringing you the goods direct from Facebook. Gabrielle Garrison from Facebook will help you strategize a variety of different advertising objectives to build a successful and comprehensive Facebook strategy that will keep your sales funnel full and boost your bottom line. In this exciting 1 hour webinar, she will discuss in detail all the Facebook advertising solutions that can help you reach car buyers no matter where they are in the buying cycle, from over a year before their purchase through post-sale retargeting. This jam-packed session will highlight the opportunities and best practices on how to utilize Facebook to dramatically increase online results for your Sales Department and could very well be the Social Media Game-Changer that you have been waiting for! If you are ready to hear How to Sell Cars and Advertise on Facebook Like a Boss, then don’t you dare miss this must-see presentation! Register Now! PRESENTER: GABRIELLE GARRISON is on Facebook’s Partner Manager Team where she makes sure clients are thriving at the forefront of the quickly growing and changing digital landscape on Facebook. With 7 years in the media business, Gabrielle has held positions in all aspects of the advertising space ranging from radio to traditional media and currently digital media. An alumnus of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Gabrielle got her start in advertising helping small businesses in Tampa succeed in their marketing objectives, and later moved to digital advertising for helping brands such as Progressive, Ford, The Chrysler Group, Ronald McDonald House and State Farm just to name a few. Currently living in Austin, Texas, Gabrielle can be reached at

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Check out Mark Zuckerberg's Income, Cars, Houses, Investments, Charity, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth. Subscribe The Filmy Cut for more updates. Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth, Yacht, Cars, Houses, Private Jets and Luxurious Lifestyle Chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of social networking website Facebook Facebook with revenue of US$17.9 billion (Rs Crores) in 2015 is the tenth most most valuable company in the world by market capitalization (11th Nov 2016) Net Worth: $49.4 Billion / Rs. Crores (14th Nov 2016) House Palo Alto home $7 million, 5,000 sq ft residence in Palo Alto, California the 2-storied home features 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a large kitchen, French doors, a music alcove, coffered ceilings, a saltwater pool, spacious and deep porches, and sash windows. Four houses surrounding his Palo Alto home - $30 million (paid $14 million for one priced $3.71 million) developer wanted to purchase one of his neighbor's homes purchased for privacy Zuckerberg will lease the four homes he just bought back to its current residents. Bought another house for $10 million (under construction) bought another house in San Francisco's Noe Valley for 10 million dollars Buys part of Hawaii' for $100 million 700 acres on the island of Kauai His 700 acres on the north shore will include a pristine white sand beach, a former sugarcane plantation, and an organic farm Kauai, the fourth largest of the Hawaiian islands Cars (168 luxury cars) Acura TSX - $40,000 VW Golf GTI - $30,000 Honda Fit - $19,435 Pagani Huayra - $1,400,000 / Private Jets $700,000 on a private jet Cloths Usually doesn't wear luxurious clothes He wears plain grey T-shirts or a hoodie. Even for official meetings Investments & Acquisitions Whats App The messaging app in 2014 Initial offer: $16 billion $21.8 billion Instagram Purchased for $1 billion in 2012 The company had 13 employees and zero revenues at that time - Domain Name $8.5 million Oculus VR virtual reality company $2 billion in March 2014 Security 16 body gaurds 2015 paid nearly $4.3 million Charity $285 million $992 million (Silicon Valley Community Foundation), $100 million (Newark, N.J. school system), $5 million(clinic in East Palo Alto) Donated $100 Million to public schools in New Jersey donated $100 million in 2010 with the goal of aiding public schools of Newark in New Jersey 99% of their Facebook stock over their lifetime "to advance human potential." Did You Know Initially facebook was named The company paid $200,000 in August 2005 to acquire the He is 5th richest person in the world (14th Nov 2016) Image Credits: Image 1: Guillaume Paumier, CC-BY ( Image 2: (Mark & FB): (CC) Brian Solis, and Music Credits: Axol - ILY [NCS Release] Artist: Axol

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Hey what’s going on guys welcome to the Get My Auto blog. We're always working hard to help you sell more cars. Today we're going to talk about Facebook Advertising Troubleshooting. If you've been having a little bit of a challenge selling cars on Facebook remember to stay calm, Facebook isn't broken. There's a lot of people selling a lot of cars on Facebook so what can we start doing to help put you in that category of dealers. One of the ways to troubleshoot your Facebook advertising campaign is to examine whether or not you have the right or wrong audience size and whether or not you're targeting the wrong people. Facebook algorithms are structured in a way where it's so amazing how you can actually target a specific niche group of people but often times it's a blessing and could be a curse in disguise if you don't know how to utilize it the right way.

So are you really targeting the people in the appropriate fashion examine who you're targeting the demographics of these individuals make sure it's aligned with the target market that you're trying to sell your view. Another fundamental thing that's often overlooked is that you simply have a bad image if your image in your advertising campaign is not appropriate if it's something that's not clickable of something that's not attracting attention then that's something you've got to examine remember it professionally designed image for your advertising campaign. You want to be respected by the common audience. You got to show them the respect and the best way to do that is with the quality photo that's going to reach a lot of audience engagement and caused a lot of people to click on that link. Another issue that a lot of dealers have is that they're not using the right headline.

Now ask yourself is this headline that I'm using something that's A.) interesting and B.) something that will cause the audience to actually click. So it's really important to make sure that the fundamentals of your campaign are set. All of these things are fundamentally important to make sure that a lot of people are going to click on your website to help you sell more cars. Now, another possibility is that your advertisement campaigns simply need to be refreshed. If 8, 9, 10 times one of your advertising campaigns is reaching the same eyeball, odds are the limited time they see the ad if they still haven't closed they're not going to click. So maybe time to refresh to add some content to add some new flair to your campaign and put something fresh out there in the marketplace to really have an audience engagement.

So refreshing your advertising campaigns is another way to make sure you're reaching peak potential with your advertising campaign on Facebook. And if you need an expert opinion remember the folks here at Get My Auto are always working hard to help you sell more cars, so contact us today and let us know what we can do help you sell more cars on Facebook Advertising.

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