State of Decay 2 ~ How to Recruit Red Talon Mercenaries [And Farm High-End Gear]

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Starting My 5th Community ► State of Decay 2 ► Cascade Hills

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How To Get Red Talon Soldiers, Weapons, Facilities & Mods (State of Decay 2) Daybreak DLC

In this vid I show you where and what you need to do in order to get Red Talon contractors or as I like to call them Soldiers. I also show you where you go to get all the Daybreak DLC weapons, facilities and mods. I know its simple how you get them and where you need to go but have had a fair few people ask me "How do you get Red Talon Soldiers" so decide to make this vid. I also Show my Full squad of Red Talon Soldiers off with there skill sets and specs. Hopefully this vid might help some of any confusion anyone might be having. Thanks and Enjoy


Hey there guys Irish Turtle here, so in today's video I show you guys 28 of the unique special skills that your characters can potentially have when your playing state of decay 2. some of them are really awesome and offer some great benefits to your characters as well as your community, for example Fishing gives you plus 2 food per day! And on top of that there could potentially be even more than 28! I hope you guys enjoy and if you do don't forget to drop a like. DISCORD LINK TO FIND OTHER SURVIVORS AND CHAT:


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LOOK AT ALL THE CUTE ZOMBIES | State of Decay 2 (Thanks Rey!)

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This is a short video guide showing you how to recruit Red Talon Mercenaries into your community. You can also use this method to farm high-end weapons and 8 slot backpacks.

When you have a survivor that has the Warlord Leadership there is a chance you'll get a missions called "Warlord: Weapons for All" when you arrive at the dealers location there should be 3 survivors. Pick one that you want to recruit and talk to the leader to make them go hostile. When they engage you kill the 2 survivors that you don't want to recruit and the 3rd will surrender. At this point you can loot the 2 dead assholes. When your ready to recruit press pause and go back to the main menu. Then select continue game, and when your back into the game the survivor you left alive should be recruit-able.

I found this glitch the other night when my internet took a dump and I was send back into the main menu after killing two of the dealers, and when I got back into the game I notice I was able to recruit the survivor, haha.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any questions or requests feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll do my best to oblige.

As always until next time you guys take care and I'll catch you on the flip side.


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How to Recruit Red Talon Mercenaries

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