ROBOT vs World Chess Champion

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[White "ROBOT"]
[Black "Kramnik"]
[Result "*"]
[PlyCount "108"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 Nc6 6. Bg5 Bd7 7. Qd2 h6 8.
Bxf6 gxf6 9. O-O-O Nxd4 10. Qxd4 Qa5 11. Kb1 Rc8 12. f4 Qc5 13. Qd3 Bg7 14. f5
h5 15. Be2 Qe5 16. Qg3 Qxg3 17. hxg3 Rc5 18. Bxh5 Bc6 19. Nd5 Rc4 20. Bf3 Rxh1
21. Rxh1 Kf8 22. b3 Rc5 23. Kb2 Bxd5 24. exd5 a5 25. a4 Rc7 26. c4 Rc5 27. Kc3
Rc7 28. g4 b6 29. Kd3 Rc5 30. Kd4 Rc7 31. Be2 Ke8 32. Rh7 Kf8 33. Bd3 Rc8 34.
Be4 Kg8 35. Rh1 Rb8 36. g3 Rc8 37. Rh2 Rc7 38. Kd3 Rc8 39. Kc3 Rf8 40. Kd4 Rc8
41. Bf3 Bh8 42. Rh1 Kg7 43. Kd3 Rg8 44. Rh2 Ra8 45. Kd4 Rg8 46. Rb2 Rc8 47. Ke4
Kh6 48. Rh2+ Kg7 49. Rh1 Rc7 50. Kf4 Rc8 51. Ke3 Rc7 52. Rh5 Rc5 53. g5 fxg5
54. Rxg5+ Kf8 *

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