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Pateri goats of High quality ,complete documentary interview in urdu

Top class pateri goats of sindh pakistan owner Allan hingorjo , complete documentary of goats and history of this immaculate breed and also discussion about their diet and shelter. subscribe for more fresh and quality content like and share too also visit this channel https://youtu.be/kIVQbDq_fZ4

Rams, Goats, Male goats, Flock of Sheep for sale | Narkatpelly Bakra Mandi 16-11-2018

Rams, Goats, Male goats, #FlockofSheep for sale | #Narkatpelly Bakra Mandi 16-11-2018 Sellers contact details and Prices in Narkatpelly market on 16-11-2018. Market Details: Every Friday 10am to 5pm Goats, Male goats, Rams, Flock of sheep available here Must share to your friends PLEASE SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS WATCH OTHER MARKET VIDEOS: *Munugodu: https://youtu.be/Cjq8M8XmPvU *Chanduru: https://youtu.be/JcIFEbxa1mk *Kattangur: https://youtu.be/aHUopinZ-ns *Nemmikal: https://youtu.be/OtXAxisiI5g *Ammanabole: https://youtu.be/ehkO5_tavWg *Avanthipuram: https://youtu.be/mGbHW_-_MC4 *Mallepelli: https://youtu.be/-rnNSnxJ1WE Follow on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/VVforall Follow on Twitter :https://twitter.com/ForVillage Watch on Blogger :https://vvforall.blogspot.com **Thanks for watching**

Dyra deen panha got۔بکری کی وہ نسل جو دودھ اور گوشت زیادہ پیدا کتی ے

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Important Tips before starting Goat farm Part 1 | konsi breed se shuru karein | Andul ya Khassi

D Doctor Goat farm Dr. Sarfaraz Baig : +91 9821801198

80 | Bakra Mandi 2018/2019 Sahiwal | Episode 3 | Video in Urdu/Hindi | Bakra Mandi Tutorial

SAHIWAL BAKRA MANDI LATEST MANDI VISIT VIDEO 17/04/2018 Nagri Beetal Amratsari BAKRIYAAN On our viewers Demand, We visited Mandi for collecting information regarding breed and prices. Prices were much high.. Animals were not much. Farmers were demanding too much prices for small age goats. Your Words are my food. All of you make my days with good comments. I am happy to hear from all of you. In this video Bakra Mandi Tutorial, You will watch goats/Bakra's prices of small kids with mothers. We will also let you know the prices of goats. We will keep you updated regarding the rates of mandi so that you can come to know the prices. We once again visited Madrassa Mandi, Between Chistian & Bahwalnagar 23-km from each city in mid. People Arrived from Different cities like Karachi, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Lahore, Gujranwala, Bahawalnagar etc, With their animals and also for sale purchase. Prices of goats are normal/high/reasonable. Prices are increasing every year as the cost of grass and feed also increase. Bakra mandi in faisalabad with good quality of goats. Subscribe our channel for latest Updates about the bakra mandi . Bakra mandi 2018/2019 | Goat Farming in Pakistan / India | Super Makhi Cheena Goat | Bakra Qurbani 2018/2019 | Pakistan Cattle Expo | Mandi Wala | Sohrab Goth Gai mandi | Karachi bakra mandi | Super highway bakra mandi | Bakra mandi lahore | Surti Goat Farm | Rahim Goat Farm | Dua Goat Farm | Muhammad Goat Farm | Narejo Goat Farm | Rehman Goat Farm | Bukhari Goat Farm | Mamu Bhanja Goat Farm | Hassan Goat Farm | Bilal Goat Farm | Mustofa Goat Farm | Cow mandi 2018/2019 | Cow mandi 2018/2019 Karachi Sohrab Goth | Buffalo Qurbani | Pakistan Cattle Expo Cow mandi 2017 | Qurbani Documentory | Cattle Farm Tutorial | Best Goats | Rajan Pori Goats | Amir pori Goats | White Goats | Modern Goat Farming in India | Goat farming in Pakistan | Cattle Market | Mamu Bhanja Goat Farm

Kamori goat owner photo chang sharing his views about his goats and explaining all kinds of genes found in this breed

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