New Sync ID feature - more OBD relearn procedures for the VT56

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Scanner OBD II no Gol G3 mostrando funcionamento

Scanner: ELM 327 MINI Bluetooth Carro: VW Gol G3 2004 Programa: Torque Pro comprado no aliexpress

We are proud to announce the release of the new patented technology, Sync ID. Let’s go over what Sync ID is and why it is important for you to update your VT56 to get this new technology on your tool.

When you update your VT56, you get the new technology called “Sync ID”

Sync ID is a new patented, OE-compliant technology that sends information from the VT56 OBDII module to the ECU during a relearn procedure. Sync ID technology is developing fast, and soon it will provide over 90% OBDII relearn coverage, which makes the VT56 the most advanced TPMS tool on the market.

Now, instead of choosing a stationary, or manual relearn, users can choose the OBDII relearn. Sync ID now includes OBD procedures for brands such as BMW, Jeep, Ford, Fiat, Chrysler, and many more.

How do you get this Sync ID? If you own a VT56 TPMS tool, you can easily get access hundreds of new OBD procedures, because of the Sync ID technology simply by updating the tool’s software. Only a valid tool license is required.

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