TF2 - The Jungle Inferno Update In A Nutshell

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TF2 - The Best Saxton Hale OF ALL TIME!

Steam group for events! - This is Versus Saxton Hale! I bet you've NEVER seen that before now have you? Well, yes, you probably have. But I haven't done a video on it so I thought why not? I used to play it A LOT back in the day, around like 2011-2012 but since then I pretty much lost all my skills. I still enjoy it and a few of you have requested me to play it so here we are! Hope you enjoy! Music from

Jungle Inferno: Engineer On Fire

Join the Uncle Dane Community Discord: The Jungle Inferno Update is finally here. The most highly anticipated patch in recent history has brought us a new Pyro Pack, new maps, new Contracts and a completely overhauled lobby UI. But did Engineer survive the forest fire? Music is from Donkey Kong and TF2. Engineer Jackhammer Song: Running In The 90's by Max Coveri ►Support me on Patreon: ►Second Channel: ►Steam Group: ►My TFcrew Community Servers: ►Twitch: ►Discord Community: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Soundcloud: I use BudHud. Download it here: I use custom first person animations: Outro animations made by Uberchain: Theme Song made by Dapper Dog: End graphic made by Duke: Thumbnail SFM made by Py-bun: Special thanks to Discord for sponsoring this video. I genuinely do use their app every single day, and highly recommend it.

TF2: The Good, The Bad and The Yeti - Jungle Inferno Campaign Review

The Jungle Inferno Update brought major changes to TF2 contracts and campaigns... but are they good? Now that Jungle Inferno has been out a little while, we take a retrospective look at the good things, the bad things and then some other things that allowed me to make a bad pun in the title of this video. Long story short, the current TF2 campaign formula forces you to play in a certain way that isn't always fun, or even "the right way" to play and it forces you to play that way a lot. It still costs to play and really, if you look back at the end of the campaign, the rewards you get are unlikely worth the money you paid. I'd also like to give a big thanks to the dudes from my Discord server who helped out getting clips and providing some screen shots for this video. If you want to hang out or play TF2 with me then be sure to join my Discord linked below! I love feedback, good and bad, so please let me know what you think! My Twitch: My Twitter: Steam Group:

Jungle Inferno: The Nutshell Edition

Or ''How 400,000 dollars bought heavy a banana'' Jesus christ, this was a pain to make, after so long, many delays and several issues, I finally started making videos again. Thanks for the support in the last months guys, love y'all, enjoy this piece I've been working on for two months

TF2 - But It's 2007! No Weapons! No Hats! - Steam Group where I do announcements to join servers like this! Did you play TF2 back in 2007 when the game was first released? No? Well now it's your turn to get a feel on what it felt like! This server removes all new weapons and there's no cosmetics at all. You could say... it's as un wacky as it can possibly be. Server IP: The server steam group: Music is from, guy who makes custom banjo music! Check him out! Music is also from

This is the best update ever we've ever receieved. You can't argue with yeti heavies.

Seriously though, this was just a quick little video I wanted to do, enjoy!

My steam group! -

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