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2018 DS 7 Crossback La Première - Exterior and Interior - Bologna Motor Show 2017

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A bord du DS7 Crossback (2017)

Agnès Lasbarrères, journaliste à la rédaction d'Auto Plus, vous invite à bord du DS7 Crossback (2017).

2017 DS 7 - interior Exterior and Drive (Great Crossback)

2017 DS 7 Crossback - new premium SUV to challenge Audi Q5 The 7 Crossback advances DS’s upmarket push with new technology and a premium design The 7 Crossback advances DS’s upmarket push with new technology and a premium design The DS 7 Crossback, the French brand's first European-market SUV, has been revealed ahead of its official debut at the Geneva motor show next week. The 7 Crossback is the first of what will quickly become a slew of new models from DS. A small SUV and a large saloon will be among them. However, there are no plans to bring the slightly smaller, Chinese-market DS 6 crossover to Europe. It’s less than two years since the PSA Group split DS into a third seperate brand positioned above Peugeot and Citroën. PSA is determined to portray its newest brand as a premium player, and the 7 Crossback’s styling takes on plenty of upmarket cues — especially in the resemblance at the rear to the Audi Q5. The 7 Crossback has a similar full-width tailgate with integral tail-lights. DS says all models will have upmarket materials in their interiors, as well as potential for customisation that’s unprecedented for a PSA car. Prototypes seen by Autocar had a 12.0in central touchscreen and a digital instrument display. The amount of passenger space in the 7 Crossback is generous in both the front and rear, and plusher versions are set to get electrically tilting rear seats. At launch, most of the 7 Crossback’s mechanical make-up is familiar. The car, which was developed under the codename X74, is built upon the mid-sized version of PSA’s EMP2 modular platform. It will be available with three petrol powerplants: a 128bhp 1.2-litre three-cylinder and the 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder in both 178bhp and 227bhp varieties. The two diesels will be a 2.0-litre with 178bhp and a new ultra-frugal 1.5-litre engine, named DVR. The 1.5 diesel and 1.2 petrol will have a six-speed manual gearbox. All other engines will come with a new eight-speed automatic, which will also be an option on the 1.5 diesel. All of the launch models will be front-wheel-drive only. PSA engineers have confirmed that there are no plans for a four-wheel-drive 7 Crossback with a mechanical system. The only model with a powered rear end will be the range-topping hybrid version, which is due to arrive a year after the rest of the range, in 2019. This hybrid model will have two 107bhp electric motors working in conjunction with a 197bhp version of the 1.6-litre turbo petrol, giving a total output of 296bhp. DS is keen to portray the 7 Crossback as a technology leader, and all but the entry-level version will get active LED headlights with three powered moving elements. These turn to give a ‘welcoming animation’ as the car is unlocked and allow different lighting modes, with longer-range beam projection at higher speeds and corner illumination (something Citroën effectively invented on its DS saloon in 1967). Elaborate tail-lights, each with 42 LEDs, will also be standard and an infrared-based night vision system capable of identifying pedestrians and animals will be offered as an option. DS has also confirmed plans to offer the 7 Crossback with a semi-autonomous Connected Pilot driving system. A state-of-the-art Focal Electra audio system will be on offer, too. Although PSA no longer produces cars with hydraulic suspension — which caused the ride of the original Citroën DS to be compared with a magic carpet — the DS 7 will be available with an Active Scan suspension system. This uses a high-mounted camera near the top of the car's windscreen to ‘read’ the surface of the road as it approaches, pre-setting the stiffness of the electronically variable dampers (which will be standard on more expensive versions) to prepare for larger bumps and compressions as they arrive. DS claims Active Scan will be a segment first, although Mercedes does already offers a similar Magic Body Control system on its pricier models. Production of the 7 Crossback will start towards the end of the year at PSA’s Mulhouse plant in France, with first UK customer deliveries due in early 2018. Pricing and final specifications won’t be confirmed until closer to the car’s launch, but a fully laden range-topper is expected to cost less than £40,000 and the entry-level model less than £30,000, giving the 7 Crossback a notable price advantage against German rivals, such as the Q5 and the BMW X3. We ride in the DS 7 Crossback Test track demonstrations are normally conducted at a speed designed to make the passenger feel moderate awe, but not today. Andrea Louis, the DS 7 Crossback project manager, is driving a hard-working prototype wearing a tatty disguise at a brisk but restrained pace.................... Read More (Full Review) http://www.autocar.co.uk/ds-7-crossback-suv-set-rival-audi-q5 "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

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Essai DS DS7 CrossBack 2.0 BlueHDi 180 Performance Line +

Découvrez toute la gamme DS neuve avec remise chez le mandataire DS https://www.elite-auto.fr/voiture-neuve/ds-100.html avec une expérience de plus de 20ans dans la vente de voiture neuve. Essai DS DS7 CrossBack 2.0 BlueHDi 180 Performance Line + Enfin, il arrive ! Voici le DS7 Crossback, le premier SUV de DS, qui vient avec ses 4,57 m de long se positionner entre les Q3 et Q5 chez les SUV premium. Le design a été particulièrement travaillé via plusieurs détails, comme les feux avant aux LED pivotant qui font leur petit effet. Le DS7, basé sur la même plateforme que le 3008, propose des diesel de 130 ou 180 ch et des essence de 180 ou 225 ch. La gamme comporte deux familles de finitions : les luxueuses, baptisées chic, ou les dynamiques, baptisées Performance Line, chaussées de 19 pouces en série. Sur notre modèle haut de gamme, une horloge analogique se déploie lors du démarrage. L'écran central atteint 12 pouces et le combiné d'instrument est digital, comme sur le 3008, et personnalisable y compris avec un mode vision de nuit rare mais optionnel. La présentation est soignée et plusieurs détails comme le bouton de volume donnent du caractère à l'ensemble. A l'arrière, l'habitabilité est proche de celle des Q5 ou du dernier X3 et on apprécie le réglage séparé de clim ou le réglage électrique de l'inclinaison des dossiers. Le coffre, généreux vu le gabarit, est plus grand que celui d'un Q5. Le 2 litres diesel 180 ch est ici accouplé à une boîte automatique à 8 rapports. Le mariage fonctionne bien avec des relances vigoureuses, y compris sur autoroute, et une bonne douceur d'utilisation. Le niveau sonore sur autoroute se montre agréablement faible. Côté châssis, notre voiture équipée de suspension pilotée et d'un système de scan de la route, comme sur une Classe S, s'est montré convaincant en filtrage des inégalités. Mais le mode confort engendre quelques mouvements de caisse indésirables. Le mode dynamique corrige ce trait, mais même ainsi, le DS7 se montre moins dynamique qu'un 3008. Bonne nouvelle en consommations : notre DS7 s'est montré l'un des plus sobres de sa catégorie selon nos mesures. En tarif, notre modèle haut de gamme s'affiche à 46000 €. C'est proche d'un Q3 TDI 184 Quattro, beaucoup moins bien équipé, moins habitable et moins flatteur. C'est en revanche 10000 € moins cher qu'un Q5 TDi 190 S Line également moins bien équipé. Bref, ce DS7 nous a fait bonne impression : il vient jouer à armes égales avec les SUV premium qu'il se permet de titiller en qualité, en équipements high-tech, et avec une vraie personnalité.

DS 7 Crossback BlueHDi 180 Performance Line 2018 review | Auto Car
It was the source of transport for French president Emmanuel Macron's inauguration, but can the DS 7 Crossback stand out in a crowded compact SUV segment?
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