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New Car: Honda Jazz 1.5 i-VTEC Sport 2018 review

New Car: Honda Jazz 1.5 i-VTEC Sport 2018 review While most of the Jazz’s supermini rivals do a fine impression of a car from the family hatchback class above in the way they drive, the Jazz instead opts to imitate cars from the city car class below. The whole driving experience is dominated by its new four-cylinder engine. And not in a good way – it makes an absolute racket. Not an endearing, rorty noise like a Ford 1.0 Ecboost or Mini’s charming, flexible 1.5 triple, but a high-pitched scream from under the bonnet. Perhaps Honda’s automotive R&D team paid a visit to its lawnmower department for advice on how to tune an engine. You can forget about taking it on the motorway if you’re planning a relaxing drive, and you can also forget about driving it in a smooth way around town, as the throttle simply acts as an on-off switch to the din, particularly when there’s some clutch involved. Some delicacy is needed with the use of your feet to try to keep things hush. Shame, because all that racket detracts from the fact that it’s actually got a fair bit of grunt when you get the revs up. If your earplugs are in, it’s an amusing thing to propel out of a roundabout if you’ve carried a bit of speed into it. And it turns in to a corner keenly enough, if never with involvement. The manual gearbox is also a slick thing. But Jazzes aren’t driven that way and nor are they bought for that reason. They’re bought for all that space – which is where the Jazz’s impression of a car from the class above comes in. It’s a spacious, airy interior in which to sit, with lots of leg room for rear passengers and boot space to eclipse a Seat Ibiza or Volkswagen Polo. The flexible folding magic seats, of course, make an appearance here. Source sound: Source photos: New Car: Honda Jazz 1.5 i-VTEC Sport 2018 review Thanks for watching video. Like share and subscribe channel: Please!!!

Honda JAZZ 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Hatchback finished in White Orchid Pearl, video walkaround !

This is our new Honda JAZZ 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Hatchback finished in White Orchid Pearl which we have just offered for sale !

Introducing the All New 2018 Honda Fit Sport

Mountain biker, surfer, pet owner, frequent mover, growing family – wherever you are in life we have a car that will fit right in! Plus, style-conscious drivers can now choose between black, white and the Sport-exclusive orange fury. For more information, visit your local Honda dealer or

Honda Jazz (Honda Fit) hatchback review - Carbuyer

The Honda Jazz is a supermini but with a strong focus on practicality. It's small on the outside, but impressively spacious on the inside, with a well equipped, quality interior. There's only one engine available - a 1.3-litre petrol paired to either a manual or CVT automatic gearbox - and there are three trim levels to choose from. Watch our latest video - Honda Jazz review - Honda Jazz prices & specs - Ford B-MAX review - Nissan Note review - SUBSCRIBE to Carbuyer for new videos every week: Follow us: Subscribe to Auto Express magazine: Carbuyer makes car buying simple. We're the only automotive brand that's approved by the Plain English Campaign, delivering you clear, concise and easy to understand information about the things that really matter when you're choosing - and buying - your next car. Every week, Carbuyer's YouTube channel brings you simple and entertaining reviews on every major make and model that's available for sale in the UK. Plus you'll find frequently-updated top 10 features and the occasional group test for good measure. If you want even more helpful information, head over to where you'll find in-depth reviews of more than 500 cars, alongside the best buying advice and dozens of features helping you to narrow down your car buying shortlist.

2018 Honda Jazz Dynamic 1.5-litre i-VTEC - Euro Spec

The new Jazz is available with a 1.5 litre i-V TEC petrol engine for the first time in Europe. Combining a high output with low fuel consumption, the engine produces 130 PS at 6,600 rpm and maximum torque of 155 Nm at 4,600 rpm. Honda’s 1.5 i-V TEC petrol engine complies with stringent Euro 6 emissions standards, and achieves fuel economy of 52.3 mpg when equipped with the optional CVT automatic transmission. The new Jazz can accelerate from 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.7 seconds (manual) and 10.0 seconds (CVT). The CVT system itself has been revised to deliver a more linear and refined response under acceleration. Honda’s V TEC and VTC technologies combine with direct injection, strong tumble intake ports and an optimised piston shape to provide benefits in output and efficiency. Weight savings within the 1.5 i-V TEC are made through a reduction in weight of the crankshaft and the adoption of independent bearing caps. Early Downshift During Braking utilises the engine to assist the driver during braking. When the system recognises a deceleration, downhill, or cornering situation initiated by the braking system, EDDB automatically increases the engine speed to provide engine braking. This then allows for quick re-acceleration after slowing or quick acceleration after cornering. The ‘Fast Off’ system measures how quickly the driver releases the accelerator pedal and maintains engine revs to provide engine braking in situations where the driver has released the pedal quickly. This system has been extensively tested for Europe’s high speed, multi-lane roads. For example, Fast Off recognises when the driver has prepared to pass a vehicle in front, but is unable to complete the manoeuvre due to a vehicle in the next lane. As the driver quickly releases the accelerator pedal to let the vehicle behind pass by, Fast Off maintains a high engine speed in preparation for completing the overtaking manoeuvre. The CVT gearbox allows the engine to operate within its most efficient range more of the time, by continuously varying the gear ratio instead of adjusting the engine throttle opening. Automatically managed by the engine management system, the CVT gearbox selects the optimal ratio within the simulated seven speeds depending on engine speed, throttle position and driver input. Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe:

Honda Jazz 1.5 i-VTEC Sport 2018 review - Auto Car

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