Halo Wars 2 IWHBYD Lines (Funny/Unique Dialogue)

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Halo 5 IWHBYD Lines (Funny/Unique Dialogue)

I noticed that no one has posted any funny lines from the characters in Halo 5's story so here it is. Halo 5 didn't have as many IWHBYD lines as the previous games, but it still had plenty of good ones to find.Hope you enjoy!

Who Is YapYap THE DESTROYER?? (Grunt Lore)

This video will go over the future of grunts in the halo universe. Get One Free Halo Audio-book FOR FREE Using this link! - http://www.audibletrial.com/LukeTheNotable Twitter! - https://twitter.com/Luke_TheNotable

A.I Madness

What I encounter on a day to day basis when playing with a games A.I. This video took longer than expected due to several setbacks, but its finally here. Most of these clips were taken from Xbox's upload studio clips I made in the past so if some clips seem abruptly short that's why. I will not continue to use upload studio after this video, I only wanted to use all the footage I had saved up over the year to not go to waste. As always please tell me what you think and let me known on what I can approve on for the future. Also yes I did reuse the last thumbnail I was too lazy to make one.

Halo Wars 2 - I Accidentally Picked the Arbiter...but things aren't as bad as they seem!

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Every Easter Egg in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Want to witness every easter egg known to Halo, without having to watch two hundred 360p videos, commentated by people with no idea what they're doing, while they film with their phones? Me too. So I made this. Subscribe. Follow me on Twitter. - www.twitter.com/nowise10

Even an RTS Halo game needs IWHBYD lines.

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