DIY Tutorial - How to Finger Crochet Very Easy Simple Infinity Scarf Cowl Beginners - RIGHT HAND

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Finger Knitting for beginners - Basic guide for learners This video will show you the basics of finger knitting. I will show you how to finger knit from start to finish in two quick and easy to learn videos. This video concentrates on starting your project, learning to finger knit and I will show you how to stop mid way for a break. I hope you enjoy this video. This is my first of many and I really enjoyed putting this video together. Perfect hobby if you are into knitting or any craft. Especially for those who are flying on holidays, as all you need is your fingers and wool. Thanks for watching Don't forget to comment and share the love x Thank you kindly BeanCreative.x (Remember parental guidance is advised while using scissors or any shape object.) Footage: Bean Creative Music: Song title - Ukulele

How to Make a Knitting Loom from a TP Tube | Sophie's World

Today, crafting expert Sophie Maletsky goes back to working with her most favorite of all recycled crafting materials - the TP Tube. She demonstrates how to use a simple cardboard tube to make a loom for finger knitting.

How to Make a Bow | DIY Double Bow | Dollar Tree Ribbon

This DIY tutorial will help you learn how to make a beautiful double #bow using Dollar Tree ribbon. This technique is Pinterest-inspired. Don't forget to Subscribe, Like & Comment. VISIT MY AMAZON STORE: SUBSCRIBE to GiftBasketAppeal: Check out my 12-Part Gift Basket Course: My Preschool Channel: GIFT BASKET TUTORIALS: Fall Gift Basket: #Halloween Gift Basket: #Christmas Gift Basket: SUPPLIES USED: -Ribbon - 2 rolls (9ft) - Dollar Tree -Pipe cleaner - Dollar Tree GiftBasketAppeal c/o Tracey Phillips P.O. Box 2045 Mableton, GA 30126 FOLLOW ME: PINTEREST: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:


INGENIOUS SEWING HACKS If you want to start sewing you need to learn a lot of tricks to make sewing to be less time-consuming and a bit easier. You will find a lot of sewing hacks for beginners that are worth studying. Even those who sew for a long time might find some cool tips they haven’t known before. Firstly, let’s learn how to make a button for jeans if you lost one. We have a smart and simple way to replace a lost button. You can buy a replacement button but you will need a special tool to place a new button. We share an easy solution: cover the coin with a piece of denim! Need a sewing kit? We have a genius idea – transform eyeglasses case into sewing kit! You may buy a cheap one and glue a couple of magnets inside and a small piece of a kitchen sponge. Enjoy! Another clever hack is to transform an empty balm container into a sewing kit! Learn how to keep your needles and pins in order: add magnets to the saucer to keep your pins in place. Usually, it’s a very embarrassing moment when you pull out of the laundry your lovely hoodie the drawstrings are pulled out. Spend less than 5 minutes to solve this problem forever. Pull out drawstring pants, and make sure your drawstrings are even on both sides. Next, find the center of the hood and make few stitches to fix a drawstring. If leggings are too small cut the waistband and replace it with an elastic band. Sometimes it’s so hard to make stitches all even, but you can make marks on your thumb with a marker. Measure the size of the stitches and mark them. Besides, you will learn how to resize jeans, fix unexpected holes in your clothes, how to make beautiful and very simple embroidered flowers! Share the most ingenious sewing hacks with your friends! TIMESTAMPS: 00:09 Denim button 01:56 Sewing kit idea 05:09 Restring your hoodie 06:45 How to fix a hole 10:11 Size down your jeans 19:35 Embroidery ideas ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:

Wall Hanging Design For Home Decor | Woolen Wall Hanging /Home Decoration Idea

Wall Hanging Design For Home Decor | Woolen Wall Hanging /Home Decoration Idea

Donna Wolfe from Naztazia shows you to finger crochet an extremely easy infinity scarf for beginners. You do not need any crochet hook for this one. Only your fingers and some yarn! And she goes really slow in this video, but you might still need to pause and rewind parts several times to get them just right. This is a wonderful technique for a beginner especially. And some say it is even easier than finger knitting or arm knitting!

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