Subnautica Is Nearly Perfect | Survival Genre Finally At It's Best

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Evolve Didn't Just Die | It Was Murdered

In 2017 we have seen quite a few game launch to failure but none have failed quite as spectacularly as evolve. Evolve stage 2 was an attempt to revive a game that had long since been finished off by 2k and its development team, so what happened? How did the creators of left 4 dead fail so quickly and so fast? Evolve was a game about monsters but whether you played it on ps4 or pc, they were far from its scariest reality. Stage 2 and going free to play almost did the impossible, so let's examine one of gamings most interesting failures.

How Subnautica Uses TERROR

Follow me on Twitter- Support The Architect of Games on Patreon- It's St Valentines day! And in the spirit of tradition on his homeworld, the Architect is looking for a good scare. But not just any scare. Horror games are a dime a dozen, but games that channel Gothic literature's terror are far harder to find. Subnnautica, on top of being an already great game, does this excellently- Are you ready to find out how? You saw: Subnautica (2018) Five Night's At Freddy's (2014) Resident Evil 7 (2017) Amnesia the Dark Descent (2010) Minecraft (2009) Interesting Links: Subnautica and gun violence: Taking 'Resident Evil 7' Forward by Looking Back: RPS Article on Sea Treaders, one of the weirdest creatures in the game-

What Has Happened to No Man's Sky | A Galaxy Sized Comeback

No man’s sky next is the 2018 equivalent of trying to push a game back into the spotlight. Between Altus rises, the foundation update and pushing no man’s sky Xbox one as a revolution for the game, this product has shifted drastically from what gamers originally got their hands on. Today it's time to look at whether or not the Xbox one and next are now worthy additions to a great comeback or a waste. Today we look at what no man’s sky 2018 gameplay now is after all the updates. What is hello Games and Sean Murray now offering the gaming community?

The Skyrim Legacy | The Game That Refuses to Die

In 2017 Skyrim is still acting a system seller all across gaming over six years after the games original release. With skyrim switch hitting store shelves and coming to psvr, the game is still at the forefront of the medium mods and all. How is this possible? How can a single game retain so much relevancy for this period of time in todays web enabled world? Bethesda has made sure that skyrim is still just as fun no matter if you're playing on nintendo switch or using every mod created but there's so much more to it than that. Or is there?

The Joke That is Metal Gear Survive | Konami’s Phantom Pain

There is no question that the strangest release of 2018 has been Metal Gear Survive. The first true metal gear release since the Konami and Hideo Kojima split. Most metal gear survive review pages want to look at the game in the context of its existence within a series, but does its name have anything to do with its quality? This is a game that Konami made relatively quickly, so what really became of it? It's time to examine metal gear survive from not only a gameplay perspective, but from every perspective that matters. More Cleanprincegaming each and every week!

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