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SquidFresh Fashion Store [Splatoon] - ASMR Role-play

- You'll be the freshest squid-kid on the block! Trust me, for real... - Hey hey! So... You've found yourself hanging with the cool squids. Well you gotta look fresh! Don't you wanna fit in? (I don't believe this in real life) Haha, so, I really liked this roleplay idea. Im super sorry it took so long. I had LOTS of technical errors when trying to make this. I actually recorded it last Friday. But its here now. Hope you enjoy it. Took a lot of time to complete it all. Also, I have a new intro. Please tell me what you think. Is it to intrusive? Or good? [ Backstory ] Turf Wars can take a lot outta people. Even fashion! So, as someone who is totally the coolest squiddo around, you take it upon yourself to get some new fashion. Heading on over to the best local fashion shop, The SquidFresh fashion store, I take you through some of our best selection, hoping you can look cool, and feel cool. ( 〮 This sounds so hilarious! 〮 ) If you may not know, I make my videos unscripted. If anything may seem random or weird, its probably because it is. I do this mainly because it gives a much more natural feel, and usually seems much more relaxing. If you're into gaming as much as I am, and want to watch some random (yet funny) gaming related videos, why don't you check out my second channel. It's NOT ASMR related, so do keep that in mind! (My second channel is linked below) = (Want some insight on my friends gaming channel? Click the link below to find out more.) T W I T T E R L I N K Y O U T U B E L I N K 🎧 Enjoy this video with headphones to get the maximum relaxation! :) 🔈 Audio is best turned up high to hear all the tingly sounds! 👤 "If you want to send me ideas or requests, do so by my email, or by YouTube, either way is fine." - TheGameSMR 💭 Let me know how my videos are by leaving good feedback on my videos in the comments, or by liking the video! Thanks for watching, and Press Start to Relax!

What's The Ink REALLY Made Of? | Splatoon 2 Science DECONSTRUCTED!

Splatoon 2 combines our love of Nintendo games and cephalopods. Is there any science behind this game? Watch More: How Badly Do We Need Other Creatures To Survive? ►►►► Official Website: Follow Us! Play Noggin is a weekly series exploring the scientific concepts behind your favorite video games. Play Noggin Team: Host: Executive Producer: Creative Director: Director of Marketing: Written by: Edited by: Sources:

ASMR Debt Collection 💲 PAY UP!

It that time again.. you owe the boss something and Vincent is here to collect,, if you wanna borrow tingles you gotta pay em back! capiche?! Im feeling a little off today when making this video (spring time allergies) so i hope you can still enjoy,, we got some mechanical sounds mixed in with some good old favorites like crunchy tea bags and crinkly plastic. This is an ASMR video, its designed to promote relaxation, Asmr tingles & sleep. My content is intended for all ages to enjoy, thnx for stopping by.. Much Love, Dr. T **Get the Tingles App- (you can even support me on the tingles app if youd like that option, thnx)** Please like & subscribe if you enjoy my videos - Patreon = - Fan Art/Care Packages= P.O. Box 333 Wilmington, Ma 01887 - My Gaming/Vlog Channel= - FaceBook=

ASMR 치아 부러지는줄.. 벽돌 리얼사운드 먹방 Edible Brick Real sounds Mukbang Eating Show 煉瓦れんが

벽돌 asmr 리얼사운드 먹방입니다! 제가 참 그 유치한악플을 못참고 커뮤니티에 글을 썼었는데 응원의 댓글달아주신분 감사합니다! 구독 좋아요&댓글은 저에게 큰 힘이 됩니다♥ もし動画が良かったら高評価を押していただけると励みになります。 #ASMR #먹방 #리얼사운드 #이팅사운드 #소리 #eating #mukbang 먹방영상은 이어폰을 착용하지않아도 여러분들이 리얼한소리를 들으실수있게 제작하고있습니다! 이어폰을 착용하고 들으신다면 먹방영상은 볼륨 40%~60% 기존 ASMR영상은 볼륨 70%~80%을 추천드립니다! * ASMR 이란? Autonomous sensory meridian response 한국어로 '자율감각쾌락반응놀이' 입니다. 예: 비오는 소리, 치킨 먹는소리, 귀파주는소리 여러가지 소리를 통해 힐링을 느끼는 영상입니다. 열이 선물주기 - 주소 서울시 강남구 테헤란로 82길 15(대치동 942-15) DI타워 7층 비디오빌리지 재열 또 다른 소통의 공간▼ Jaeyeol Instagram & Facebook 팔로우! ■ ■ ■ Donation For Better quality (paypal) : ■ I need your translation Please help me translate ♥

Iceberg Slime Compilation - Satisfying Slime ASMR

Iceberg Slime Compilation - Satisfying Slime ASMR Video credits are given in the video. #crybabyonyt on Instagram for a chance to be featured in one of my compilations! For removal of video, please email ---------------------------------- ♥PRODUCT LINKS♥ GLUE Elmer's White Glue: Elmer's White Glue (1 Gallon): Elmer's Clear Glue: SLIME ACTIVATORS Borax powder: Tide Detergent: Contact lens solution: Baking soda: STYROFOAM BALLS White beads (smaller amount): White beads: Colored beads: CLAY Daiso Clay: Model Magic: DECO Food coloring: Fruit fimo slices: Glitter: Glitter confetti: Shaved Ice (broken glass): Holo Glitter: PIGMENTS Powdered Up Dolly: Pearl-Ex: ---------------------------------- For collaboration/inquiries, please email

So sorry this took so long for me to get around to making it.
Should I make more? Comment down below!!

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