How Thailand Became a Tourist Hotspot

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When houses are the size of parking spaces. Follow Johnny on Instagram: Follow the Vox Borders watch page: Sign up for the Borders newsletter: With original music by Tom Fox: Hong Kong is the most expensive housing market in the world. It has been ranked as the least affordable housing market on Earth for eight years in a row, and the price per square foot seems to be only going up. The inflated prices are forcing Hongkongers to squeeze into unconventionally small spaces that can affect their quality of life. Tens of thousands of Hongkongers are living in spaces that range from 75 to 140 square feet. To put that in perspective, the average parking space in the US is about 150 square feet. And in the most extreme cases, Hongkongers have resorted to homes the size of a coffin. I spent some time exploring the living situation in Hong Kong to find out why housing has become so expensive and spaces so tight. To understand how Hong Kong’s housing market turned out this way and see how it’s affecting people’s lives, watch the final episode of Borders Hong Kong. Subscribe to our channel! Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. For more, visit Check out our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Twitter: Or on Facebook:

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TITLE | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: In this video we'll try to answer the following questions: Is it safe to travel in Thailand? Is it safe to travel alone in Thailand? What is the best time to go to Thailand? Is it expensive to travel to Thailand? Is Thailand a developing or developed country? Is Thailand a democracy? Is there a monarchy in Thailand? Where was the prostetic leg invented? What the best festival in Thailand? Where did RedBull originated? What is the currency of Thailand? Who's the king of Thailand? Who's the richest person in Thailand? Where do siamese cats come from? #alux #travel #thailand WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON ALUX.COM! Most Expensive Things: Luxury Cars: Becoming a Billionaire: World's Richest: Inspiring People: Travel the World: Dark Luxury: Celebrity Videos: Businesses & Brands: - Follow us on INSTAGRAM for amazing visual inspiration: & Don't miss the latest Luxury News only on Facebook: --- is the largest community of luxury & fine living enthusiasts in the world. We are the #1 online resource for ranking the most expensive things in the world and frequently refferenced in publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia and many more, as the GO-TO destination for luxury content! Our website: is the largest social network for people who are passionate about LUXURY! Join today! SUBSCRIBE so you never miss another video: -- To see how rich is your favorite celebrity go to: -- For businesses inquiries we're available at:

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Thailand has long been a world-famous tourist destination. But the tourism industry barely existed in the country before 1960. Its origins were in fact born out of a dark passage of American history.

Video by Vicky Feng, Tom Gibson, Robin Fall and Christian Capestany, with assistance of Natnicha Chuwiruch

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