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Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the video! This content is made by TapL, , so I do not claim any of this as my own. As iMax7 says, , if he comments, I'll do another one. Also, if I get 100 more subs from this, I will be doing a givaway! (Choose on the poll created)

THE BLITZ POLICE - Blitz Survival Games

MVP+ brigade here to attack anyone who spent their money more wisely -------------------------------- Twitter: Server: Resource Pack: Will I add you as a friend? No

gamerboy80, Defone, monsterstom_ and qFinesse Lose to a Salad maker and 3 teenagers

We are not better. just had the advantage of knowing who they were Matt's channel: got lucky would probs lose rematch Defones Channel:


UHC is turning into Ranked 2.0 :( 🐤FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER 🐤 👾JOIN MY DISCORD👾 🎥 SECOND CHANNEL 🎮 📁Pack📁 ➥ ★FAQ★ ➥FOV: 80 ➥Sensitivity: 80% / 600 DPI ➥Cps: 7 ➥What's your ms? - 140 ➥Can I play with you? - Really unlikely :D ➥Recording software: OBS ➥Where are you from? - Finland ➥ Mouse/Keyboard - Logitech G502 / Ducky Shine 4 Server IP ► ♫ Music ♫ 1. Chuki Beats 2.Vexento ♫ Outro ♫ A Himitsu - Adventures

'Skydemon' - A Dual Blitz Survival Games Montage w/ Kalemon

Edited by Kalemon. If we decide to do one of these again, I'll edit. It isn't exactly my style, but my style isn't exactly good anyways xd. Hope you enjoy! Pack used: MajesticWalrus' Crit Pack (Unreleased) Will I add you as a friend? YES I HAVE 1500 WHO CARES AT THIS POINT Channel Artist: PicoloMC

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Pack is Duxo private by iSparkton

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Astronaut X
Blaze X
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