Litter-Robot III Blinking Flashing YELLOW Light, Globe Spinning Rotate One Direction How To Fix LR3

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Litter Robot Open Air (at 28 months) Stuttering Rotation Issue Common Fix

If you find this video helpful, please click the following referral link, and you will receive $25 off your new purchase. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and I will respond as quickly as possible to help expedite a future free of scooping litter. This is a common troubleshooting video for the stuttering problem that can occur. I have owned my Open Air for 28 months now. This is complimentary to a series of reviews and tips over time of ownership of the Litter Robot Open Air. Hope you enjoy and your future is filled with less cat pee and poo scooping! Common stuttering issue video 2 year review 1 year review 6 months review 2 months review Review at time of purchase

Veterinary Review of the Litter Robot Open Air self cleaning cat litter box: Part 2

OK, I'm in love. I just got a Litter-Robot self-cleaning litter box and I love it! As a veterinarian and cat owner, I can't stand cleaning the box, but I know how important it is to have a clean litter box for your cat's lower urinary tract health. Here, Part 2 of 3 of my veterinary review!

How to Clean the Litter Robot Open Air Automatic Litter Box -- ねこ - ラグドール - = ネコ - Floppycats

Save $25 off your purchase through this link: Live in Australia or New Zealand? Click here for your Litter-Robot Open Air distributor: Manufacturer's Version: Read our review of the Litter Robot Open Air here: Arrival/Unboxing Video: The Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter box that is very sophisticated. It has a self-adjusting weight sensor that knows when your cat is inside using it (so you don’t have to worry about it cycling when your kitty is inside of the litter box). After each use, a timer counts down until it cycles, which is great because it allows the kitty to be way finished with their business before it cycles. It is also good for clumping litter, so that the clump has time to set. After that, the sifting system cycles automatically and dumps the clumps and waste into a drawer below. Once the drawer is full of waste, an indicator light lets you know that it’s time to empty it. Someone was thinking when they designed this puppy. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month warranty. How to Clean the Litter Robot Open Air Automatic Litter Box -- ねこ - ラグドール - = ネコ - Floppycats - Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide #cat #cats #ragdollcat #ragdoll #floppycats

Litter Box Talk: Litter-Robot Open Air 3 Years Later and NVR Miss High Sided Litter Boxes

Buy the Litter Robot Open Air and save $25 off your purchase through this link: Live in Australia or New Zealand? Click here for your Litter-Robot Open Air distributor: Buy the NVR Miss Litterbox: NVR Miss High Sided Litterboxes Website: Litter Genie: Litter-Lifter Litter Scoop: Blackhole Litter Mats: Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter: Cat Products We Love Learn more about Ragdoll Cats: Cat Product Reviews: Ragdoll Rescue Resources: Sign up for our FREE Ragdoll Cat Lovers newsletter: Sign up for our daily Ragdoll cat lovers blog posts: Do you have a Ragdoll Cat? Submit your Ragdoll cat for Ragdoll of the Week on, here are the guidelines: Thinking of adopting a Ragdoll cat? Check out our eBook A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home: or watch our video on YouTube: Subscribe To "Floppycats" Channel HERE: Visit our Floppycats Website HERE: Like "Floppycats" on Facebook HERE: Follow "Floppycats" on Twitter HERE: Follow "Floppycats" on Google+ HERE: Follow "Floppycats" on Instagram HERE: Follow "Floppycats" on Pinterest HERE: Join Floppycats on Flickr: - Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide #cat #cats #ragdollcat #ragdoll #floppycats

If you have a Litter-Robot III Open Air 3 and it's stopped working with yellow blinking / flashing light and/or the globe does not rotate in normal operating cycle or spinning continuously counter clockwise in one direction, then this video might be for you.

With this type of yellow light error, if you continue to press power or cycle button, the globe will continue to spin in one direction and the key on the back of the globe might snap out and sometimes the bonnet will come loose.

Of course if your unit is still under warranty, then you should call the Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. DBA AutoPets (, Robot Shop (‎) or any other authorized dealers where you bought the unit from, and have them diagnose via the phone. They will either send you a replacement part or fix it under the terms of the warranty. But what if the unit is not longer under warranty or you bought it from someone else or it was a gift? Then hopefully this video can help you.

If you searched online, it might tell you that there is a problem with excess weight, globe positioning or defective hall effect sensor. Based on our experience however, this blinking yellow light as shown in our video is because of the anti-pinch safety feature malfunctioned or became defective.

Basically, if the globe is blinking the yellow light, you will need to replace the Cat Sensor or re-position the Anti-Pinch safety feature.

The Anti-Pinch safety feature is two pin connected to the motherboard that must touched each other continuously. If they are separated, you will have an alarm (yellow blinking light). The Anti-Pinch safety is located in the bottom back left of the Litter-Robot. You will need to unplug the unit, remove the bonnet, the globe and the drawer. It is the ''Two Metal'' pins. With a flash light, you should be able to see if they are touching each other or not.

If they are not touching each other, try to re-position them with a flat screw driver by pushing them upwards. However, if they are touching each other, you will need to replace your cat sensor.

With Litter-Robot III Open Air, should you have any problems or error lights, the first thing you should do is to empty out the litter, take apart the unit, thoroughly clean it and then put it back together and re-test the unit. Make sure the put the unit on a flat surface and away from the wall or corners. Most of the times, these simple procedures will help you repair the problems you encountered.

In this video, we will take you through the steps on opening the bottom base unit and to remove or replace the anti-pinch detectors.

Sometimes, the flashing yellow light might be followed by blinking red light or timing indicator, and in that case you might have to replace the cat sensor as well. If you need to replace the cat sensor, you check on our step-by-step tutorial video guide here:

If you need more help with some of the problems or issues you might have with your Litter-Robot 3 then I suggest you click on the following link for the blog forum:

If you need replacement parts, you can click here to order them:

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