How to Select A Different Game

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Retro Player Kodi Leia *First Look*

A quick look at the new Kodi feature to play retro games! This is only available in development builds for now. See Kodi RetroPlayer forum for more details.

Goodmans 16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan Assembly

This is a assembly video of Goodmans 16 Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan Buy Now: Thank you for watching this video and for checking out my channel, it means a lot to me as a content creator. Every single like, comment and subscriber doesn’t go unnoticed and I am extremely grateful. Subscribe For More Content: Social Media: Snapchat - Waheedul Instagram - Waheedulhaque Twitter - Waheedulhaque Business Enquires: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Adidas X-PLR Unboxing And Review" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Modern USB Gamepad modded for Retro Gaming - C64 NES SNES Sega Neo-Geo

I took a PC USB Logitech Precision Gamepad and modded it so I can use it with some of my favourite retro computers and consoles. I'm not a fan of butchering equipment if I don't really have to :) so if there is an option to make a mod reversible - I go for it :) Original controllers are cool to use, but after all they went through over all these years in many cases they are not as precise and reliable as they used to be. Not to mention some of them were not well built from start - in terms of precise diagonals or ergonomics. Cleaning the contacts or re-coating the carbon pads in most cases is only a short-term fix... I do really like d-pads on logitech gamepads, so I decided to convert one into a retro-controller. Playing retro games with a precise controller like that is really a great experience - pure fun - fight your game, not Your controller. Nothing is more annoying than trying to beat a game with an unprecise gamepad. You can mod virtually any controller like that, it is just a matter of fitting in the PCB inside the gamepad case, which was a bit of a challenge - I must admit :) Music playing in background by CZ Tunes - Rock'n Roll Level 1 Remix (Special CZ Tunes Remix)

Retropie start and exit games

Ad Blocking & Updating Apps

In this video you will see how to enable AdAway and Blokada to run with you apps. You may not see us but we are here to help. Ghostware is out there... Ghostware is EveryWARE Ghost on People Visit our Facebook page for more information Check out Don’t forget to Like & Share & Subscribe today!

A short video on how to select a different game in RetroGhost Gaming, which is a Gaming on Demand system developed by DataGhost for Team Ghostware and you, our most valued clients!

Brought to you by the DataGhost himself & the rest of the "Team @ Ghostware"!

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