INSTEON Tips and Troubleshooting

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In this episode, I show you how I reset my entire INSTEON system back to factory settings so I can set it up again. Why would you want to do this? Perhaps you're having flaky issues with your system that you can't resolve. Perhaps you purchased a house with INSTEON and you can't figure out how it was set up. Perhaps you've learned a lot over the years and just want to start from a clean slate. For more information, go to -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- You need to see this: "Ultimate Desk Setup" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

HD Wi-Fi Camera Setup (Android)

This video covers the basic setup of the Insteon HD Wi-Fi Camera using an Android device. Don't have an Insteon HD Wi-Fi Camera? Visit to grab yours today

New Insteon Keypadlincs

New and replacement Insteon keypadlincs installed. A brief look at Insteon Home Autmation © 2015 by vtmaestro. All rights reserved. Do not use any part of this video without my written permission. PLEASE NOTE: These videos are for entertainment purposes only. I assert all copyrights claims for any content, media, comments, subject to the publishing date of this video. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do not use any part of this video without my expressed written permission. As always, please consult professional advice before attempting any project, activity, or event. I will not be responsibility for any injury, loss of life, or damage to any property or equipment using any information referenced in this video or any video on my YouTube. Always follow codes and any requirements as set forth by best practice or law. Lastly, be nice and play nice. Trolling and other attacks on my channel will not be tolerated.

INSTEON Cross Linking Tutorial

When creating wireless links between INSTEON devices, create a cross-link if you want your devices to stay in sync. Here we show linking two keypad buttons to a switch and then linking the switch back to the keypad buttons so that locally controlling the switch updates status on both keypad buttons. While it's good to have some knowledge of how to manually create these links it is unnecessary if you run software such as HouseLinc. This software handles all the programming of your devices. INSTEON is a wireless home control technology that communicates over the home's electrical wiring as well as RF. For more information please visit


In this episode, I show how to set up and use the Insteon Hub which is the COOLEST Insteon device I've used so far!! All of my previous episodes focused on using the Keypad Dimmer to control other devices. The Insteon Hub is an intelligent controller that you can access individual devices or setup scenes. NOTE ABOUT "RESPONDER" VS. "BOTH" When setting up a scene, each device can be set as a "Responder" (the default), "Controller", or "Both". I incorrectly selected "Both" in this video because I had used that setting when playing with the Hub and my Keypad Dimmer. I'll go into detail in a future video, but here's why "Both" was wrong: When a lamp module is set in "Both" mode, that means the lamp module also acts as a controller - which means pressing the module's "on" button turns on the scene. There may be times when this behavior would be useful, but not for the scenes in this video. For more information: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- You need to see this: "Ultimate Desk Setup" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Basic INSTEON operation and how to troubleshoot INSTEON communication problems.

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