Nex Machina - Supreme AI (holy crap I did it)

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Nex Machina - All Humans, Beacons and Secret Exits - World 1 Techno Forest

This video shows the locations of all beacons and secret exits in Techno Forest.

Nex Machina - Supreme Ai (Soundtrack OST)

Composed By - Ari Pulkkinen

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Hey everyone for this review I take on the fast paced arcade style shooter Nex Machina. The game features lots of action and a ton of enemies on screen at once for you to deal with. With five worlds and multiple play modes the game will provide quite a bit to do. This game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review. My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is. If you would like to help out the channel directly consider tipping For any and all business inquires please email For a complete list of every review I have done click here Check out my stuff on Facebook Twitter Instagram Steam Group

Nex Machina OST ♬ Complete Original Soundtrack I Deluxe Edition

Official soundtrack from Nex Machina by Ari Pulkkinen (Resogun, Dead Nation, Aliennation...) and Tuomas Nikkinen, except were noted. Support me: Tracklist: 01. Let Me Save You (feat. Sami 'haxx' Hakala) 00:00 02. Dark Shivers 04:27 03. Beamtron 08:57 04. Crystal Mountain 12:29 05. Yeti Kong 17:28 06. Fire Caverns [by Tuomas Nikkinen] 21:36 07. Helltron [ by Tuomas Nikkinen] 26:23 08. Machine City 29:14 09. Enforcer Prime 33:47 10. The Spiral 36:22 11. Future Labs [by Tuomas Nikkinen] 38:46 12. The Architect [by Tuomas Nikkinen] 43:08 13. Critical Error 46:11 14. Space Station 48:37 15. Supreme Ai 53:33 16. Cosmic Hero 57:02 17. Epic Montage 01:00:16 18. Dream Machine Anthem 01:03:53 19. Nex Machina [by Harry Krueger] 01:07:24 20. Let Me Save You (Instrumental Version) 01:13:00 Support game and soundtrack with a purchase e.g.: iTunes: Amazon: Soundtrack also available on Spotify. Ari Pulkkinen website:

Nex Machina!/en-us/tid=CUSA05588_00

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