Nex Machina - Supreme AI (holy crap I did it)

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Nex Machina - Final Boss - Supreme AI

Nex Machina - Veteran - 5:13 The Architect from scratch

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Nex Machina - Storm Runner trophy (5:05)

Rocket Launcher is key here imo, and as soon as u got dash explosion (and triple dash u can clear waves extremely fast), bc rocket launcher and dash explosion pretty much kills anything

Nex Machina (PS4) - Supreme AI Boss Fight No Damage (Experienced Difficulty)

Another boss I managed to get a no damage on when going for my 1CC trophy. This boss was a nightmare on my first run in world 6: space station, so I was confused and surprised I was able to do it.... Still hate this boss lol Cheers Stay tuned for more! I will be posting trophy guides, gameplay videos, and boss videos for games coming in the future. Most of them I will be getting early, so if you'd like to stay tuned, subscribe. Subbing helps grow the channel and is much appreciated. If you guys enjoyed this or found it helpful, a like would go a long way to help the channel. If for any instance you did not like the video, hit the dislike and please leave a comment as to why you did not like it. Constructive criticism gives me feedback and helps me improve for the future. Thanks for watching my content, and take care guys! *Using the Elgato Game Capture HD to record videos at 720p 60 fps. Using Sony Vegas Pro for editing and voice overs.

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