How to apply and sand filler (manual filler)- Vehicle Repair Processes by 3M™

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How to apply body filler

How to apply a skim coat of body filler to an entire panel and how to block sand it down. SYF on Facebook SYF on Instagram

Car Panel Repair by 3M Bodyshop [Step 1]

3M shows the car panel repair process using a range of industry accepted products, from paint removing abrasives to application of body filler using 3M's Dynamic Mixing System. Click 'show more' to see the products used in this video. See more at Products used: -3M Panel Wipe (34567): -3M Trim Masking Tape (06349): -3M 2-handed sander (28337) -3M Hookit P120 Abrasive Disc (50445): -3M Dynamic Mixing System -3M Hookit P80 Multihole Abrasive Sheets: -3M Dry Guide Coat (09560): -3M Hookit P180 Multihole Abrasive Sheets:

How To Apply Body Filler With 3M DIY Bondo

We're back with the 3M Technical Service team to learn about the proper application of body filler and glaze during the collision repair or restoration process. Our host, Dennis Pittsenbarger, highlights some of the overlooked and important steps from panel prep to mix ratios. Mixing and applying your filler, glaze or Bondo the right way will ensure a repair that last a lifetime.

3M Plastic Bumper Tab Repair

3M shows how to repair a plastic bumper tab using 3M™ Superfast Plastic Adhesive: a fast to cure, two-part urethane adhesive suitable to repair, rebuild, reshape and bond all kinds of plastic.

Step 2 (of 9). Vehicle Repair Processes by 3M™.

Manual filler application and sanding is the second step in this body vehicle repair process. 3M provides you with the complete product selection to help you throughout any vehicle body repair process. Our high quality products include 3M™ Fillers (and 3M™ Hardners), 3M™ Premium Glaze to fill in minor scratches in the repair area, 3M™ Dry Guide Coat to highlight imperfections when sanding, 3M™ Abrasives (including patented technology Cubitron™ II), 3M™ Handblocks and Festool machines, for optimum dust extraction, improving the efficiency of your body shop.

The next step in this vehicle repair process is Preparation for Priming Follow the link to find out more about our products and how to make best use of them to improve the quality of your repairs and the efficiency of your body shop.

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