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5 Alternatives to Space Engineers

Many players were disappointed after the latest Q&A interview by Marek Rosa made it seem like Keen was planning to abandon Space Engineers in its current state. As such, We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of similar sci-fi sandbox games you may want to consider playing instead. Learn more about these games (some are already purchasable via Steam Early Access, via others are still in closed alpha testing): EMPYRION GALACTIC SURVIVAL - Online Multiplayer Space Survival PLANET NOMADS - Planetary Single-Player Survival STATIONEERS - Complex Realistic Science Simulation (Simulator) SKYWANDERERS - Creative Building & Immersive Exploration DUAL UNIVERSE - Massive Multiplayer Online MMO Sci-fi RPG These videos are made possible thanks to your support on Patreon : MaximumPsychosis, Meow Lieutenant, Nimble Griffin, Sephie Mey, Trevor Stein, Will Lake. Twitter: Discord: Steam Group: Music and Sound Effects by: Game: Space Engineers, version 1.186.5 Space Engineers allows players to build giant fleets of ships and stations with a large variety of blocks, increased even further with mods, before having epic battles with awesome destruction. The game is in active development and is updated every Thursday. (

Ark: MASTER CRAFTER 1090% CRAFTING SKILL! (Max Crafting Points)

I take a look at what you can build with the maximum 1090% Crafting Skill, I’ve put all my points into crafting to see what you can build. Ark Max crafting points Subscribe to nooblets :) ARK Videos Playlist 10% OFF Renting A Gaming Server FOR LIFE! ENTER PROMO CODE: Nooblets

Are There Other Earths?

Hey Everyone, You can find our 4K UHD content and more great space and science shows on: What are the odds of life on planets orbiting nearby stars? Scientists, wielding sensitive new telescopes and "big data" tools, have detected planets around thousands of stars; some Sun-like and some very different from our star. Many newly discovered "exoplanets" lie in "habitable zones," where liquid water may support the chemistry that enables biology. How will astronomers discover if we have company in the cosmos...and where they live? Narrator: Perry Anne Norton Writer / Director: @DavidSkyBrody Executive Producer: Thomas Lucas

Planet Nomads - Building my Compact flying mobile base - 057

I am building here my Compact flying mobile base and I am also flying around with it. Then I additionaly add a large container to it wich brings it's total weight up to 24.000 weight and still easily reaching the maximum of 72kph, it just won't get up that high anymore because it has more weight now. And large airblades will also always bring you up higher than the small ones. To reach 72kph max, the frontside must hang down a bit, but as you can also see it also can go up fast or slow up to 72kph. The first time I put the large container under the aircraft it just goes up slowly from 50 to 72kph. By moving the large container forwards by one block the aircraft now goes fast up to 72kph. So that means that you have to try out with the balance of your aircraft to fast reach 72kph. There are some devices missing, like armory, waterpump and autominer. But I consider this mobile base as a vehicle to explore the world and find interesting spots to build a base and so on with the material stocked in the containers.

Ark: Survival Evolved - 6 BEST DINOS! ... FOR SOLO PLAY!

Hey, how's it going everyone? I'm Phlinger Phoo and today we'll be discussing what are, in my opinion, the best dinosaurs you will need to tame for a solo play through of Ark: Survival Evolved. This list is intended for people that prefer to play solo, either in Local Play or on the public servers without a tribe and it is purely my opinion. I cover which dino is the best water mount to get started. Which is the best land mount. Which is the best Flyer. And which is the best dino for spelunking in the caves. If you enjoy the list and want to see more, below are some links to my other series. Soloing the Ark: Current Series! The Island Beginner's Guide: The Center Beginner's Guide: Scorched Earth Soloing the Ark: Procedurally Generated Maps: Soloing the Ark in Primitive Plus: How to Start out in Scorched Earth: And the Soloing the Ark that started it all: MY DISCORD: MY PATREON: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! @phlinger Patreon Credits: Mr. Smalls, Sitnm12, Agathorn Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe and until next time....Take it easy everyone!

A Beginners Guide to Planet Nomads. How to get started in Planet Nomads a Survival, Building, Exploring Game.
Learn how to build a base and how to build your first vehicle in Survival mode.

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