Not Receiving Texts SOLUTION & Universal Cell Troubleshooting Tips

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iPhone to Android iMessage Bug Fix

In this video, I describe the process used to debug iMessage and its error with android users. If you are upgrading your iPhone to an android platform, you will need to deactivate iMessage before you make the switch. Otherwise, don't expect to receive text messages from your friends that are iPhone users. iMessage can be located by opening the Settings application and scrolling down to Messages. There you will see the option to enable or disable iMessage. If the selector is "green" in color, tap it to disable iMessage (selector will turn white). Once you have disabled iMessage, you are free to upgrade. If you've already switched to the android platform, you will have to deactivate your current device and activate your iPhone once more. The process is the same once the iPhone has been reactivated. If the iPhone is not readily available, you can contact Apple customer support and have the iPhone deregistered. Note: you will have to pay a twenty dollar fee for customer service.

How to fix low space storage in your Android smartphone with easy steps

How to fix low space storage in your Android smartphone with easy steps

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Not Receiving Text Messages -

Fliptroniks Android Updates: Best Note 4 Case: Best Note 4 Battery: Best Note 4 Charger: Fliptroniks Note 4 Case: Visit Our Website: If for some reason your not receiving text messages on your samsung galaxy note 4 this can be extremely frustrating. The first thing you should try is deleting all of your current conversations. You might have too many messages in your inbox which wont let you receive any new messages. The next thing to try is restarting your galaxy note 4.. If neither of these work then you will have to perform a master reset. This is your last option and is the one no one wants to do just make sure to back up your data on your pc. To perform a master hard reset turn off your device and hold down the volume up key, the power key, and the home button. This should fix the problem.

Galaxy Note 5 Not Receiving Texts Fix -

Best Note 5 Bumper Case: Best Note 5 Thin Case: Fliptroniks Android Updates: If your galaxy note 5 is not receiving texts you should first try deleting some old text messages and restarting your phone. Another thing you should do automatically is just restart your note 5 and also check to see if its due for an update. You should also check your data usage limit. You can also go into application manager and find the message app and then clear out the cache and try restarting it. If your galaxy note 5 is still not receiving texts after trying all of these methods you can try doing a hard reset.

How To Find Out Who's Tracking You Through Your Android (Top 5 Codes)

Learn How To Find Out Who's Tracking You Through Your Android. the reason that every people choosing Android these days. because it has the unlimited & plenty of reasons to go with. and android now is the most powerful operating system for Mobile. Today in this new technical days, there are so many security issues like viruses, malware, and keylogger’s & password stealers, that can leads our devices. & selling our personal information to the third parties. ➥ ➥ For More Detail Visit - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------➽ LIKE 👍 For Super Amazing Tech Updates On Facebook! ➤ Sub Here:(It's Free)▻ ➤ Today's Deals ▻ ▼GIZMO COMBAT Is Your One Stop Destination For Gadgets▼ Reveal, latest Technology Inventions, Product Reviews, Tech News, Hows To Reviews, Gadgets Reviews, Trending Reviews, and so Much More. If this is your kind of thing! Do Subscribe Us! Show Your Love & Support our Channel! ▼Follow Us On▼ → Twitter Handle - → Facebook - → Instagram - → For Business Inquiries - → Today's Deals - → Our Blogging Website - ▼Music → NoCopyrightSounds▼ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➤Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & press that "BELL" besides the subscribe button above to get instant notifications of all our Future Uploads! :)

Not Receiving Texts SOLUTION & Universal Cell Troubleshooting Tips

A lot of people have problems with texts not sending out or being received. Sometimes they only get the second part of the text and not the first. There are a lot of things that can make this happen, but the following is the best basic troubleshooting

If these problems didn't help you, make sure to see if your phone bill is topped up and your friends aren't just jerks.

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