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joueur du grenier dragon dogma compilation

compil des videos publier sur capcom france faites par le joueur du grenier

Dragons Dogma Online - All vocations/Classes in action

Small preview of all the vocations available in Dragons dogma Online All content in this video is under fair use SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/ja-jp/tid=CUSA00572_00

TOP 7 Skills / Abilities in Dragon's Dogma

*Dragon's Dogma* The song at the beginning is 'Fly into Free' by B'z. Dragon's Dogma is the property of Capcom Co. Ltd.

Dragon's Dogma All Sorcerer Skills

(ARCHISTAFF) Miasma- Transmutes the land into a putrid bog that poisons foes who tread upon it. High Miasma- An advanced form of Miasma that expands the size of the poisonous fog and endures for a longer period of time. Lassitude- Invokes a magickal sigil at a designated location that inflicts torpor upon foes who enter. High Lassitude- An advanced form of Lassitude that calls fourth a larger longer lasting fog that inflicts torpor upon foes who enter. Voidspell- Invokes a magickal sigil around the user that strips debilitations from all allies who enter. High Voidspell- Invokes a magical sigil which restores any lowered offensive or defensive attributes and clears petrification Necromancy- Summons the souls of the departed to surround the user, assisting with attack and defense for a time. High Necromancy- An advanced form of Necromancy that calls fourth a larger host of spirits that assist with attack and defense for a time. Petrification- Invokes a magickal sigil that turns foes who enter it to stone. High Petrification- An advanced form of Petrification that invokes a larger longer lasting fog that turns foes who enter it to stone. Exequy- Invokes a magickal sigil capable of destroying outright any foe held within its span for a set length of time. High Exequy- An advanced form of Exequy that creates an aura capable of destroying any foe foe caught within it in a shorter period of time. Bolide- Calls meteors down from the heavens to land around the user. The user may move immediately after invocation. High Bolide- An advanced form of Bolide that calls down a greater number of meteors. The user may move after deployment. Gicel- Conjues lances of ice, then propels them forward. High Gicel- An advanced form of Gicel that calls fourth several twisting spikes of ice that thrust forward from the ground Fulmination- Bestows the user with lightning, enabling them to electrify foes nearby and add a bit of spark to the rest of the party. Attack with heavy and light attacks, press [Jump] to cancel. High Fulmination- An advanced form of Fulmination that envelops the user in a more powerful and wider-range bolt of lighting. Seism- Shakes the earth, causing a stony prominence to erupt forth, stunning and damaging foes in a broad radius. High Seism- An advanced form of Seism that causes even more eruptions of stone stunning and damaging foes over a wide area. Maelstrom- Summons a whirlwind to wreak havoc upon any foes caught in its path. High Maelstrom- An advanced form of Maelstrom that summons a larger longer-lasting whirlwind to wreak havoc upon foes.

Partons à la découverte de Dragon's Dogma Online sur PC au programme création de personnage, Prologue et les premières quêtes.

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