Nex Machina : Stage 1 Walkthrough All Secrets (Techno Forest)

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Nex Machina: Beginners Guide

New to Nex Machina? No problem. In this beginners guide we walk you through everything you'll need to know if you are just getting into this game. Let us know if there's any specific help you need and we will make videos on it. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!

Nex Machina - Giant Face Boss Destroyed (SECRET BOSS)

Had a good game today, and managed to get to Nex Machina with 5 lives and pulled it off! What an amazing boss, the craftsmanship and music is just off the charts. To access this, you need to beat experienced or harder without using a continue. Good luck! She's tough and this is only on Experienced!

Nex Machina - Hero Mode (4.7b)

The first ever completion of Arcade Hero mode! Final Score : 4 721 815 050 (max combo over 500x!) -- Watch live at

Nex Machina: Tips and Tricks

In this video Alex discusses more advanced tips and tricks for Nex Machina. Which powers should you look out for? What's the best way to destroy the enemies? Alex talks about everything you'll need to know to rise up the leaderboards. Let us know if there's any world/boss/level you need help with and we will make a video on it!! Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!

NEX Machina - Five tips and tricks for earning the highest score

Http:// Housemarque’s latest game Nex Machina isn’t just a superb twin-stick shooter that combines tight action with lightning-quick bullet hell stages: It’s also more addictive than a cake made out of heroin. Nex Machina is a short game, but its longevity lies not in its initial 45 minute (give or take) run but rather in its Arena mode. You’re given a chance to not only replay the superb stages again, but to to also do better. To score bigger and work your way to the top of the charts. Which is easier said than done. Struggling to keep up and wondering how to crack that magical five million points barrier? Here’s a few tips to help you max the numbers on your attempt to be the best.

Step 1: Run
Step 2: Gun
Step 3: Repeat

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