Inside a TURBO - Repair or Rebuild

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How to Rebuild a Turbo - Part 2 of 2

Rebuilding a td05h 16g turbo. This process can be applied to many journal bearing turbochargers. :) It definitely comes in handy to know how to do this when you are in this type of hobby. 4/25/12: Small explanation on the balancing of the rotating assembly since I get so many comments regarding it. This particular turbocharger, td05h, has it's rotating assembly components balanced separately. This means each individual part (compressor wheel, turbine wheel/shaft) gets balanced separately. This allows for easy interchangeability of parts in case they need replacing. This is why I am able to install a td05 20g wheel on this turbo without having to balance the entire rotating assembly. THIS IS NOT THE CASE FOR ALL TURBOS OUT THERE. You need to research whether your specific turbo (if it's not td05h) was balanced as an assembly or "component balanced" like I explained above. I hope this information helps. Good luck in your projects. Stay boostin'

Changement CHRA turbo GT 1749V

Explication sur le changement d une cartouche de turbo ou encore appelé CHRA sur un turbo de laguna 2 ou scenic 2 , cela prends en moyenne 20 à 30 min et coute moins cher qu un turbo neuf , l'équilibrage a déjà était fait en usine lors de l assemblage du CHRA

اسباب تلف تيربو السيارة

How a turbo works

An educational video about turbochargers. For more help and information about turbochargers go to

Ремонт.Турбина AUDI A6 C5.Чистка геометрии.The geometry of the turbine Garrett

Чистим геометрию турбины своими руками без лишних денежных затрат.Восстановление работы.

How to repair, rebuild a turbocharger. What's inside a turbo? In this video I disassemble the center-core of a TC06 turbocharger. I explain a few details about the various components, including turbine and exhaust wheel, bearings and seals...

This information is for demonstration/entertainment purposes only, I am not a qualified mechanic.

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