Close Knit Family - Episode 30; How to win at knitting

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Close Knit Family - Episode 31; Allison Barnes Fibre Fix

Recorded November 11th, 2018 Unveiling Allison Barnes Fibre Fix from October 2018! Mike's Ravelry; Sue's Ravelry; Close Knit Family Group; Instagram; closeknitfamilyknitcast Get 20% off Allison Barnes yarn with the code closeknit20 until January 31st, 2019! 4 Sisters Toque Collection; Balance; Ranchland Shawl; Allison Barnes Yarn;

How to Harvesting Wool - Amazing Sheep Factory - Wool Processing Mill

Harvesting wool. Sheep shearing is the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off. Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video nor the image featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. If you are the owner, send me a comment on the video. I will follow your request as soon as read. Thank you Video source: Woolrich Mill Comapny Australia kburgener Family Channel Thank For Watching Noal Farm For more Hot video Please Sub me Here: More Best Video : ❤️ Cabbage Harvesting Machine Modern agriculture 2017 || How It Works on Noal Farm 2017 ❤️ Peanut Harvesting Machine || How to Harvest Peanut || How it works Noal Farm modern agriculture 2017 ❤️ Dates palm Harvesting by Shaking Machine || Packing Dates Modern Agricultural Technology 2017 ❤️ Beautiful Modern Technology Factory Sugar Beet Processing Plant Automatic ❤️Apple Harvesting by Monster Machine and Packing Machine | Noal Farm Modern Agriculture 2017 ❤️Kiwi Harvest on Noal Farm | New Zealand Kiwi Harvesting Picking and Packing - agriculture 2017 ❤️ Potato Harvesting Machine Morden agriculture || Harvest Potato time || How it works Noal Farm 2017 ❤️Amazing Silk Processing form silkworm - Silk Farm Harvesting ❤️CanonBall JellyFish Harvest - Jellyfish Processing - Blue CanonBall JellyFish exploited 2017 ❤️Harvesting Grape Fruit by Monster machine and Packing by hand - Noal Farm modern agriculture 2017 ❤️Harvesting Banana modern agriculture || How to grow Banana tree || Banana Farm Management 2017 ❤️Mango Picking || Mango Harvesting || How to do it right Noal Farm 2017 And More playlist Noal Farm : Noal Sea : #noalfarm #noalharvesting #noalprocessing

Knitting Vicariously: Episode 4 - How Dare You?!

Welcome back! I’m uploading a day or two early this week in support of those of you Rhinebecking Vicariously! This week's episode is a little bit different from the rest; filmed before I left for the US, there's no additional knitting content from Ep3 and instead I'm answering your questions, as submitted via YouTube, Ravelry and Instagram. Thank you so much for watching! ------- Find me and my personal account over on Instagram as @dunderknit Find Instagram shownotes and everything specifically related to the podcast at @knittingvicariously Tag your vicarious projects-in-waiting with #knittingvicariously over on Instagram And please do come and join in the chatter over on the Knitting Vicariously Ravelry Group --------

How to Unravel a Sweater to Recycle Yarn

Unraveling sweaters is a great way to use yarn and re-create something new. This Free Tutorial was made by Ashley Martineau Author, Spinning and Dyeing Yarn Boston Area SpinOlution Dealer Blog: Videos: Shop:

Wet Coast Wools Episode 62: The one without an intermission

Episode 62: The one without an intermission Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 Welcome to all our returning viewers, and to those who are joining us for the first time! Our show notes can be found in the drop down section on YouTube, and on Ravelry. Comments and questions can be left in either place. A note for next time - we are going to do a Q&A session in the next episode. If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please ask them in the Ravelry thread for this episode. Introductions: Glenda - Glenda on Ravelry, glendamcdonald on Instagram Kelsey - fiddlebach and Kzipknits on Instagram and Ravelry Wet Coast Wools - WetCoastWools on all the things FOs (Finished Objects) Glenda: Wearing - driftwood by Isabell Kraemer, knit in Cascade 220® Heathers in Satine - Johnny L. Seagull - Sid the Seagull by Amanda Berry. - Zuckerstange Socks - Regia Season Color in Zuckerstange colourway. Have to finish last year’s Xmas yarn before starting the new ones! Forgot to show these last week - Crescendo Cowl, made with Cascade Cantata in Blue, less than 1 skein. Cantata is a ‘Blown Yarn’, meaning that it is composed of a tube of cotton, into which Merino fibres have been injected. This allows the manufacturer to use fibres that are too short for spinning, and creates a lightweight, durable yarn. - Mega Rib hat by Kali Berg. Made with Katia Inca with a Bernat pompom. - Instant Love hat by Taiga Hilliard Designs. I made the smaller size, using the leftovers from the ball of Inca. I added the i-cord top to use up more yarn. - Blue Fir Hat from Patons. Made with Estelle Chunky in Snow and Peacock, 1 skein of each Kelsey: Wearing - Svalbardgenser - Svalbardsweater by Cecilie Kaurin and Linn Bryhn Jacobsen in Holst Garn Supersoft held double. Colours are Indigo, Pussy Willow, Calypso, Sunrise and Aquamarine - Mini Tolmie by Josee Paquin in Katia Azteca Milrayas Colour 704 - Woven Scarf - in Cedar and Dandelion from Isis Fibre Arts for the Warp and Flock Fibre Studio in Coy Koi- all are DK weight WIPS (Works in Progress) Glenda - Christmas socks with Coal - last year’s Mally 6-Ply Xmas sock yarn, combined with Gentry Grey Patons Kroy Sock. I had 66g left from Mike’s socks, so I wanted to make my own pair, and am stretching it with the Kroy. - Cowichan-Style Sweaters for myself and Mike. I made my flat swatches (Lopi for me, Sea Fusion for Mike) and I made a chart in excel - I’m going to start knitting this week, don’t want to show you the charts because they are a surprise. I also need to do swatches in the round (hats, probably!) to check my in the round gauge for the sleeves. - Walk Along by ANKESTRiCK, knit in DROPS Alpaca in light grey and pale pink. Almost done the grey part of the body, then I need to do a few inches of pink to finish. Kelsey - Cowichan Along - I’ve got my design plotted and my swatches done! - “Ease” by Josee Paquin - this is a test knit of a cardigan design. It’s knit the #220 Hempwol from Hemp for Knitting in the colourway “Florence” Store News Our Cowichan-A-Long started October 15th! It runs from October 15th to December 31st, 2018. Bulky or Super-Bulky Cowichan-Inspired knits can be counted - sweaters/coats, hats, mittens, slippers. They need to have colourwork, they should be in bulky or super-bulky weight (aran at a stretch), and you get bonus points for using Canadian Wool. Yarn Suggestions: CWM Sea Fusion or Softspun Lopi 3-Ply, Briggs & Little Country Roving, or similar. Patterns: White buffalo-esque vintage patterns; Jane Richmond’s West Coast Cardigan; Andrea Rangel’s Dude Collection; anything from Sylvia Olsen’s book. If you want to go traditional, look for Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ books Salish Sweaters (out of print) or the chapter on Cowichan-Style sweaters from Knitting in the Old Way, which was reprinted in 2005 (I have the kindle edition). Projects need to be less than 50% finished by Oct. 15th. Entries are based on weight of the project: - 1 to 250g (1/2 pound or less) - one entry - 250g to 455g (½-1 pound) - two entries - More than 455g/1 pound - 3 entries - Bonus entry if you use Canadian Wool! Cut off is December 31st at midnight.

Recorded November 5th, 2018

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West Fall and East fall MKAL;
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