BioShock 2 Launch Trailer

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BioShock 2 - Final boss fight (Good Ending) (No Commentary)

BioShock 2 Intro

Support me on Tad: NOTE: This does NOT contain anything from "GameStar Videos" or from any lame "QuizGroupMovies." This was recorded on my own machine using Fraps, the files were spliced together using AVS Video Converter. Getting a little tired of companies or persons laying claim to copyrights on things they have no rights to. Go record your own footage if you're that hard pressed to lay copyright claims to materials you have no right to lay copyright claims to. Original: The intro to 2K's BioShock 2. CS-Nation: Total Gaming Network:

Bioshock: Infinite - Debut Cinematic Trailer | HD

2K and Irrational Games invite you to a new world of rapture with a new entrant to the BioShock series. PRE-ORDER NOW: Bioshock: Infinite - Coming soon. Bioshock: Infinite - Debut Cinematic Trailer | HD Developer: Irrational Games Release: 2011/2012 Genre: Adventure, First-Person, Shooter Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Publisher: 2K Games Website: ESRB: M FOLLOW XboxViewTV on Twitter

BioShock: Good and Bad Ending HD

Spoiler Alert: The ending of BioShock, this will ruin the game for you if you haven't played it through on both endings. The good and Bad ending.

Bioshock ~ All Bosses

All bosses from Bioshock done on hard difficulty without the use of medkits. Also, i'm not dead just busy. Timestamps: Dr. Steinman - 0:03 Big Daddy - Bouncer (Miniboss) - 2:15 Big Daddy - Rosie (Miniboss) - 3:45 Peach Wilkins - 4:52 Martin Finnegan (Miniboss) - 7:00 Elite Big Daddy - Bouncer (Miniboss) - 8:43 Silas Cobb (Miniboss) - 10:02 Hector Rodriguez (Miniboss) - 11:45 Sander Cohen (First Opportunity) - 12:28 Elite Big Daddy - Rosie (Miniboss) - 15:19 Sander Cohen (Second Opportunity) - 16:54 Frank Fontaine - 17:29

The launch trailer is a realization of the elements that BioShock 2 fans have been clamoring for. Breathtaking action set against the backdrop of a decaying underwater Utopia provides players with the slice of Rapture that awaits them next week.

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