The Invisible Hours - The Collector

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The Invisible Hours - The Reporter Trophy Guide | Trophée Le Journaliste

Vidéo d'aide pour : Trophée : Le Journaliste - Trouver toutes les coupures de journaux Trophy : The Reporter - Find all the newspapers clips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeu : The Invisible Hours Guide complet : Playlist : Facebook : Twitter : Vous disposez d'un boîtier d'acquisition vidéo, et souhaitez aider la communauté en apportant votre contribution par le biais de votre (vos) vidéo(s) ? Veuillez nous contacter via la Centralisation des demandes, nous nous chargerons de l'éditer aux normes du site/forum si besoin est, et de la soumettre à la chaîne Youtube N'hésitez pas à nous solliciter !

The Invisible Hours - The Final Secret

CONTAINS SPOILERS! I strongly recommend you play the entire game through yourself, as it's much more rewarding. Once you have played the 'main' game, you should should explore the entire house and find all diary entries and clues that you haven't yet discovered. Some of these will give the full context to the mysterious ending captured in the video, so I do recommend you find them first. Follow the Spirit Radio from the start of the story till the end. At the end of the séance the radio will light up, and if you examine it, you will hear a message from Tesla. There is another message to be heard when he dies, in Chapter 0. The radio will be located outside Augustus Vanderberg's room. What a wonderful easter egg hidden deep inside a fantastic game!

The Invisible Hours: Hidden Trophy Guide Part Two

In this installment, I'll be showing how to unlock one tricky trophy and several simple ones listed below: The Sailor The Best Friend The Priest The Mad Writer The Park Ranger The Fox The Astronomer The Missing Husband (I mistook this for The Alchemist. Sorry Again!)

The Invisible Hours: Hidden Trophy Guide Part One

In this video, I'll show how to unlock the two hidden trophies The Medium and The Room Service as well as locating the final newspaper clipping for the trophy The Reporter. I'll try to do a video on the other more difficult trophies as soon as I figure them out.

Batman: Arkham City - Contract Terminated Trophy / Achievement Guide

Stop the contract operative This will be earned by finishing the Shot in the Dark Side Mission. You will need to track down Deadshot. You need to locate 3 of his victims and scan the area for evidence. Remember, that it will take some time until the next victim will be available. Simply fly around the city or keep doing some side missions / follow the main plot. Once you investigated all 3 crime scenes you will have to check out 3 different places to find Deadshot's equipment. Go the the northern area to find his weapon and PDA. The rest should be simple, save the last victim and defeat Deadshot. Along the way you will also earn the forensic expert trophy / achievement (Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire). SUBSCRIBE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow Me: Contact Me: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Collector - Collect all the clues.

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