BMW E46 Compact Rear Wiper Repair DIY Guide

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BMW E46 N42/N46 Valve Stem Seals - Replacement DIY Guide

DIY Valve stem seals replacement on a BMW N42/N46 engine. Engine suddenly started consuming a lot of oil (6 dcl/1000 km). I had some substantial oil leaks, so I first had to replace: - oil pan gasket, - valve cover gasket, - Valvetronic motor gasket - Valvetronic sensor connector flange, - vaccum pump o-rings, - VANOS solenoid o-rings. I also replaced the CCV system, but nothing fixed the oil consumption problem. Replacing the valve stem seals was the next step... LINKS Timing toolkit: Flexible air valve holder: Valve stem seal remover/installer pliers: Complete valve spring compressor toolkit: Service manuals: Parts:

Installing an eBay short shifter on an E46 320d

Bought an "ebay special" short shifter kit for my E46 320d so this is an almost-instructional of how to install it. Not the best or most straight forward of videos, watch it all first. Not that anyone even knows descriptions even exist on youtube any more. Link:

BMW E46 Compact. Heckwischer! Nie mehr Wasser im Motor. Viel Geld sparen.

Der Umbau ist simpel, die Idee war es nicht. Aber, es funktioniert perfekt! Auf Wunsch baue ich es auch für Dich um, einfach mal bei mir melden.

BMW 1-SERIES E87 / E81 - Rear Wiper Arm / Motor Removal

BMW 1-SERIES E87 / E81 - Rear Wiper Arm / Motor Removal Guide on how to remove the rear wiper arm and motor from a BMW 1-Series (E81 / E87) years 2004 to 2012. Select Vehicle Spares - 01257 473991

BMW E46 N42/N46 Engine Mounts - Replacement DIY Guide

DIY engine mounts replacement on a BMW E46 316ti Compact N42/N46 engine.

DIY rear wiper repair guide on a BMW E46 Compact.

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