Texas Direct Auto/Vroom.com and Nexrep LLC Review Q&A

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Buying a Lotus Evora on Vroom.com

I bought a Lotus Evora on Vroom.com. This is a review of the company as I have yet to receive the car. It's been almost a month since I started the process. Looking forward to getting the car here and hoping it's what I want

Carvana Honest Review | My Carvana Experience

This is an honest review of my experience purchasing a car through Carvana.com. I hope this helps anyone interested in purchasing a car through them. Car Delivery: 1:29 Car Inspection: 2:17 Final Thought: 7:19 Cinematic Clips: 10:05 If you liked the video please hit that subscribe button. Social Media: Live Stream: Twitch.tv/GutterGlam 5:30pm - 8:30pm PST Mon-Thu Instagram: instagram.com/MichaelSwitzerJr Snapchat: Mike_Switzer

Flood Damaged Car Video

Car Video Demo Edit

The Truth About NexRep: Part 1

NexRep is a horrible company to work for, and I will detail the reasons why.

Carvana vs Vroom

My familys buying experience with carvana vs vroom dealers

taking your questions from potential job seekers for Nexrep LLC and those looking to buy vehicles from Texas Direct Auto bought out by Vroom.com

by the way i did mention names! ha!

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