Square Contactless and Chip Reader in the U.S.: Getting Started Guide

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Unboxing/Setting Up Square Contactless/Chip Credit Card Reader

Available to purchase from www.SquareUp.com for $49 Update: The $49 fee reimbursement deal was only available for pre-orders only. Magstrip, Contactless, Chip Credit Card Bluetooth Reader

Square vs PayPal Here

Sign up for Square using my referral link here to get your first $1,000 in processing free with no fees!: https://squareup.com/i/TRISTANTOM Update: Square now provides phone support! I've switched back to Square for all of my card processing at this time. Square payments vs PayPal Here for accepting credit card payments. UPDATE: Due to some recent service & customer service issues with PayPal, I'm now using Square exclusively for on the go payments. The fees are nearly identical for each service. Square is 2.75% and PayPal Here is 2.70%. Both charge a bit more if you don't swipe a card and manually enter the number. For high volume users, Square has a flat $275./month unlimited service as well. Did you remember to like and share this video? - My Amazon Wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/TSA0X1B7BI3 Join The Patreon: https://goo.gl/hz6eqc Please note: I am a Square shareholder and also use PayPal a lot for eBay transactions.

How to Use Square Register

See the new Square Register at http://www.square.com. Get to know your Square Register and customer display. Connect them, or use them apart to set your counter up just the way you want. Connect to the internet, log in to your account, and examine the entire feature menu. Check out your customers, see all your transactions, search and edit customer lists, send invoices, track sales reports, adjust your settings, and get quick answers to common questions. Get help from the Square Support Center or learn more at http://www.square.com/register-setup. TRANSCRIPT Here’s a step-by-step look at everything you can do with your new Square Register. First, and foremost, you should get to know your customer display. It snaps to Square Register easily. Just press firmly on the bottom edges of the customer display to ensure it’s locked in place. And it powers up automatically when Square Register is on. To undock the customer display, hold in the release latch located on the bottom of Register and lift the display out to move it closer to your customers. Grab the included customer display cable. Plug one end into the bottom of the customer display and the other end into Register. A simple unplug and replug will also restart your customer display. To customize the image on your customer display, log in to your Square Dashboard on your computer. Get step-by-step instructions in our Setting Up Locations video. And keep in mind, you can always connect a cash drawer, printer, and bar code scanner with the included accessory hub. SQUARE REGISTER SETUP AND MENU Before we go over all the ways Square Register can power your business, you’ll first want to make sure your device is connected to the internet and that you are logged in to your account. Just look for the Wi-Fi symbol or Ethernet arrows. Your point-of-sale app is under Checkout. This is where you can ring up items from your item library, type in custom amounts, offer discounts, or look up the balance of your customers’ gift cards. To edit your item grid on the fly, hold your finger on a tile until you’re in Edit Mode. Then add new items or arrange your items any way you want. You can create or edit items, categories, modifiers, discounts, and gift cards here in your item library. Change prices, add variant price points for different sizes, and charge tax for the item. Or don’t. If you’re editing many items, it will be easier to log in to your Square Dashboard on your computer. PAYMENTS HISTORY Search all your transactions by receipt number or card in the transactions tab. This makes it easy to print a new receipt or issue a refund to your customer. Just find the transaction and use the big buttons at the top. ADDING CUSTOMERS You can add new and existing customers to a sale from checkout, and to manage your customer list, tap on Customers in your main menu. It’s easy to search all your customers by name, phone, or email. You can resolve duplicate customers and create new customers, right on the list. To add a customer to the directory, just tap “Create Customer,” enter their information on your screen, and even save a card on file if you want. Long lists of customers should be imported on your Square Dashboard. You can also see valuable information about your customers, like who your regulars are, and who hasn’t been back in a while. Try Square Marketing in your Dashboard to send them offers to get customers back through your door and increase your sales. INVOICES Square makes creating and sending invoices right from your register a snap, too. Your Square Register will send an email to your customer and they’ll be able to pay your invoice with a click. SALES REPORTS Square Register makes it simple to see daily sales reports at a glance. Just select the time period for which you want to see your sales, and, poof. There they are. And then see the deposits Square’s made to your account with a single tap. See our Linking Your Bank Account video if you need help with linking your bank account. You can see more detailed reports from your computer on your Square Dashboard. It’s your way to keep your finger on the pulse of your entire business. To learn even more, check out our multilocation management and custom reports videos. SETTINGS You can also quickly edit your device and business settings. This is where you connect to Wi-Fi, adjust display brightness, and set up employee timecard settings. Pro tip: turn this on and employees can clock in and clock out right on the register. Learn more about managing employees in our timecard video. And the Support menu is where you can get quick answers to any questions that might come up. Right from your new Square Register.

Square Payments

Square is a mobile payment system that anyone with a smartphone and aback account can use. You collect credit card payments using a reader that plugs into your headphone jack. For more from Steve please visit our website www.dottotech.com including our weekly radio show /podcast on Twitter @dottotech How many emails are in your inbox? I can help www.protechtivity.ca

Learn more about using your Square Reader and search our Support Centre at http://www.square.com/setup.

Watch how to charge, connect, and accept payments with your Square contactless and chip reader.

Chapter 1: Getting started with Square Reader
Chapter 2: Connecting Square Reader via Bluetooth LE
Chapter 3: Connecting Square Reader to Square Stand
Chapter 4: How to accept payments


Here’s everything you need to know to get your Square Reader set up and running.

Inside your box there’s a Square contactless and chip reader, charging cable, and a Square magstripe reader. The Square contactless and chip reader has an EMV chip card slot, power button, port for the charging cable, and NFC antenna built inside.

The battery should last all day on a single charge with normal usage. To check the battery level, press the power button. Four green lights indicates your reader is fully charged and it’s ready for payments. Three or two green lights indicates a partial charge and it can take even more payments. And one red light means your reader needs a charge immediately.

To charge it up, plug the cable into your reader and a computer, USB wall charger, car charger or USB battery pack. It should take two to three hours to get a full charge. Four green lights means your reader is ready for business.

Now let’s connect your reader to your device.

You can connect Square Reader to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth LE. Make sure your device has the latest version of the Square app. You’ll need to do this before you can connect Square Reader. Next, go to your device’s settings and turn on Bluetooth. Now you’re ready to pair your device with your reader.

Open the Square app. Go to the menu, Settings, Card Readers, Connect a Reader, and then Contactless and Chip Reader. Press and hold the power button on your reader for about three seconds. When the four orange lights start flashing, release the button. The Square app will automatically pair with the reader.

Your reader may go to sleep to save power. If it does, press the power button once and the Square app will connect instantly.

Square Reader comes with a USB cable so you can connect it to Square Stand. Plug the cable into your reader and your Stand’s USB hub to accept payments, and keep your reader charged all day. Square Reader connects automatically and you’ll know when your reader is ready.

You can also connect with a Dock for Square Reader. Place your reader into the dock with the USB port facing downwards. Then, set the clip in place to secure your reader. Take the dock’s USB cable and plug it into your Stand’s USB hub. The dock charges your reader, gives it a home on your counter, and positions your reader to accept contactless payments and chip cards.

Now let’s start taking payments.

You can accept chip cards and contactless payments with the Square contactless and chip reader and swipe cards with the included magstripe reader. Make sure you position your reader so it’s within reach of both you and your customer. This lets you accept payments quickly and easily.

Select an item from your library or enter a dollar amount for a new item. Then, tap Charge. Wait for one green light to appear on your reader. This means it’s ready to accept payment.

To take a chip card payment, insert the chip card into Square Reader chip-side facing up, and leave it there until you see the checkmark or four green lights appear on the reader.

To take a contactless payment, tap Charge, wait for one green light to appear, then have your customer hold their contactless device near the reader. Four green lights will appear, and when you see the checkmark, you’re all set.

To swipe cards the old-fashioned way, just use your Square Stand’s built-in magstripe reader or use the included magstripe reader with your device.

To learn more about setting up or taking payments with your reader, go to http://www.square.com/setup.

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