[How It's Made] Building a Speaker

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Making of a Shade

A very quick clip to show the process Soren goes through when making one of his unique wooden lamp shades. !!! Please before you write a negative comment about the waste of wood, please realize , this is fast growing pine, it had already been cut down to be used as firewood, the centre of the log is sap wood and is very poor quality, and all the wood chips are reused in another way, for heating, or in the garden. We appreciate your care for nature, and assure you that we too have the same regard for what our planet gives to us. Filmed Rikki Berger Edited Rikki Berger Music Waldeck - Get up Carmen I am a woodturner/inventor/teacher with 35 years at the lathe, I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into making one of my shades. find out more at www.facebook.com/woodturning woodturning

The story about RCF drivers on Russian 1st channel

RCF story russian language

What's inside a $3,000 Bluetooth Speaker?

We CUT OPEN a Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker! This is THE BEST Bluetooth Speaker! Buy one here: https://amzn.to/2mwN1Yk They sell them in most Apple stores also. You can connect up to 12 of them together at once. Follow us on Social @WhatsInside #CoolTech #WhatsInside Music for this video is from http://share.epidemicsound.com/pcFwF

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A simple movie from the Discovery Channel's show titled "How It's Made". This clip reviews the manufacturing process for a speaker. See www.soundground.ca for more good speaker information.

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