Galaxy S8 & S8+: Frozen Screen / Can't Swipe / Display Unresponsive / Boot Loop / Black Screen

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Black Screen Fix 100% Solved

Subscribe to My Channel For More Videos You can try a temporary fix like the Forced Reboot – tap the Volume down key and hold it like that for up to 10 seconds, until the device reboots; Wait for it to restart normally, as it will most likely require more time than for a normal restart; Also, you can try to plug the charger and see if it’s not an insufficient battery problem; If you keep getting the black screen soon after that, turn off the phone; This time, press and hold the Power key; Wait until you see the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus text on the screen; Release the Power key; Tap and hold the Volume Down key; When the device boots up and you notice the Safe Mode text at the bottom left corner of the screen, you can release the Volume Down button. With the steps from above, you have booted your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus into Safe Mode. This special running mode will only make use of a couple of pre-installed apps, completely ignoring the third-party apps that you have installed in the normal functioning mode. This is why we recommend you to keep the device in Safe Mode for a day or two and monitor if the black screen problem will get back. If it does, this is a sign that you’re actually having a more serious problem that requires attention in an authorized service. If it doesn’t, it’s good news because it tells you that one of the third-party apps you’ve been using was, most likely, causing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus black screen of death. In the latter circumstance, a factory reset, where you delete everything from the device and you start configuring it from scratch and installing the third-party apps is the best thing you can do.

🔧Galaxy S8 Screen Display Replacement (FULL GUIDE) 60FPS

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4/28/17 - Samsung S8 Plus not turning on, off or resetting - Verizon Boot Screen - Bricked

I got the Samsung S8 Plus on day 1, been using it ever since, no issues. Then about 30 minutes ago I was shooting a video with the default camera app, and about 30 seconds into the video I started getting a bunch of app crash notifications, like GMAIL, PHONE, CALENDAR and other apps crashing. I finished the video, then closed out all of the notification, hit the lock button on the right of the phone, and it switched to the Verizon Boot screen, and has not changed since... The circle balls are changing or showing progress, but the phone will not respond to any key presses, reset configuration, nothing. Ive unplugged, plugged it in, taken out the sim card and still nothing. The blue light in the top left of the phone is on, but not sure what that means. I will post an update when the phone dies and I can plug it back in to see if it turns on.

[EASY STEPS] Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Black Screen of Death

We’ve already addressed the Black Screen of Death issue a few months after Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released last year and since then we’ve received tons of emails from our readers. It seems that there are still a lot of owners who are experiencing this problem that’s why we need to address it again but this time, we will be providing you with a solution that worked for many of our readers.

How to Boot the Galaxy S8 and S8+ into Recovery Mode

You can follow these step by step instructions to boot into the Galaxy S8 Recovery Mode for doing a factory reset, clearing the cache partition, and more. Full Tutorial - Official Website - Patreon - Twitter - Google+ -

Easy Fix! If your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus is having frozen screen issues, unresponsiveness, frozen, can't swipe, black screen of death, boot loop where it just consistently reboots, etc you can simply do a hard reboot aka forced reboot or hard reset.,This will not delete any data or anything.

If you are still experiencing issues comment below and Ill assist you. Hope you find this video informative thanks.

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