Nex Machina: Veteran - The Architect

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Nex Machina - True Last Boss No Miss (No Death)

this run was also a full no death 1cc. will upload the full run a little bit later today.

10 Video Game Records That Will Never Be Broken

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Nex Machina: Veteran - Supreme AI

Never mind my terrible score. This was an Arcade Veteran run in an attempt to get the trophy (which I got, and did it 1CC), so points weren't important. Only survival was important. For some reason I didn't get to fight Nex Machina. I was under the impression that a 1CC completion was the requirement to fight her. It worked that way when I completed my 1CC Experienced run. Weird. SHAREfactory™!/en-au/tid=CUSA00572_00

Nex Machina - All Humans, Beacons and Secret Exits - World 2 Crystal Mountain

This video shows the locations of all beacons and secret exits in Crystal Mountain.

Pro Tips for Nex Machina

Though a lot of these tips are for high scores, there are many for general play and strategizing. I hope this video can help you get better at Nex Machina. Patreon: Twitter:

Never mind my terrible score. This was an Arcade run for the Veteran trophy, so I didn't care about the points. I don't have any tips, except one: practice fighting this boss on single world mode. Once you can beat it consistently without using a Continue, then try Arcade mode. You'll want to kill him without using a Continue because it is extremely difficult to do so without any power ups. Unless you're very very good.


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