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Streaming HLS and DASH with NGINX | Verizon

NGINX offers a number of streaming features through the RTMP module and NGINX Plus has additional modules. The RTMP module delivers streams over the RTMP protocol and can dynamically convert RTMP into HLS and MPEG-DASH in real time. NGINX Plus can stream HLS and HDS from .mp4 and .f4f files. However, a few missing features have kept streaming service providers from building their service on NGINX. For example, NGINX Plus can transmux to HLS and HDS but not VOD content to DASH. Also, in serving HLS segments NGINX Plus relies on URL query strings that include start= and end=, which makes the streams hard to scale to a larger audience through a CDN cache. In this session, I'll show how to build a streaming server using open source NGINX with FFmpeg and GPAC's MP4Box, which can dynamically transmux .mp4 files to HLS and DASH. A FastCGI script and FFmpeg can dynamically generate a manifest file, and a FastCGI script with FFmpeg/GPAC can dynamically cut .mp4 files into smaller segments and repackage them for HLS and DASH upon request.

What is a Container?

In this lightboard talk, Ben Corrie explains what a container is for beginners. For more information, please visit the VMware’s Cloud-Native Apps website:

From Containers to Service Mesh | Microservices & The Proxy War

Learn about the evolution of the microservices stack in this video clip from NGINX, Istio, and the Move to Microservices and Service Mesh. NGINX is widely known, used, and trusted for a variety of purposes. NGINX works as a reliable, high-performance web server, reverse proxy server, and load balancer. NGINX is also a widely used microservices hub, an Ingress controller for Kubernetes, and a sidecar proxy in the Istio service mesh. In this webinar, we describe the move to microservices, the crucial role that NGINX has already played, and a range of architectural options that organizations have for their microservices apps, including three progressively complex models in the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture. We’ll then introduce the emergence of Kubernetes as a container orchestration framework, the use of service mesh architectures, and the design of Istio. We’ll finish by showing how NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus can be used as the sidecar proxy in an Istio service mesh, bringing greater reliability and capability to your service mesh application.

Learning Puppet Manifests files with Examples | Puppet Tutorials for Beginners

Learning Puppet Manifests files with Examples | Puppet Tutorials for Beginners This video explains you about "Learning Puppet Manifests files with Examples | Puppet Tutorials for Beginners". Subscribe our channel "LearnITGuide Tutorials for more updates and stay connected with us on social networking sites, Youtube Channel : Facebook : Twitter : Visit our Website : Document - Learning Puppet Manifests Files with Examples for Beginners : WATCH MORE OUR TUTORIAL VIDEOS: Introduction to Puppet, How Puppet Works - Puppet Tutorials for Beginners Install and Configure Puppet Master Server and Puppet Agent on Linux (RHEL7 / CentOS7) Understand the Basic Cluster Concepts | Cluster Tutorials for Beginners Understand VCS Concepts, VCS Terminologies & Components | Veritas Cluster Tutorial for Beginners Install Veritas Infoscale 7.2 High Availability Cluster on Linux (RHEL 7) Configure Two Node VCS Cluster on Linux (RHEL 7) | Veritas Cluster Tutorial for Beginners Configure iSCSI Target Server On LINUX Using TargetCLI (RHEL 7 / CentOS 7) OpenLDAP Server Configuration on RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 - 100% Working Step by Step Procedure Configure Linux Clients for LDAP Authentication to OpenLDAP Server (RHEL 7 / CentOS 7) Learning Puppet Manifests files with Examples, Puppet Tutorials for Beginners, Puppet Tutorials, beginners puppet tutorials, puppet manifest tutorial, puppet manifest, learning puppet manifests, how to write puppet manifests , puppet video tutorial, writing puppet manifest, puppet tutorial, puppet tutorial for beginners linux, puppet tutorial linux, linux puppet tutorials, devops tutorial for beginners, devops training, devops tutorials, puppet training, puppet training videos, puppet video training

HTTP/2 Theory and Practice in NGINX Stable | StackPath

The next generation HTTP protocol has arrived. Learn what it can do for you, and how to bring support for HTTP/2 in NGINX. Find out how it interoperates with older protocols, and offers new features while preserving legacy compatibility. To learn more about NGINX and HTTP/2, check out

NGINX Conf is the official event for NGINX technologies, best practices, and community engagement. Whether you're modernizing monolithic apps or starting your modern app architecture, come and learn how we help at each step along your journey to microservices. Plus, we’ll have two full days of training, choose one or both!

Join NGINX in Atlanta on October 9-10 for:
- Keynotes from NGINX leaders, industry experts, and community luminaries.
- Breakout sessions offering NGINX best practices and technical insight.
- Opportunities to learn from and network with the NGINX community
- Case studies from a cross-section of NGINX users and customers
- A showcase with joint solutions from NGINX alliance partners
- An optional day of onsite technical training
- Fun activities, food, and drinks with fellow attendees

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