Google Pixel 3 XL Review - The Smartphone Of Best Camera 2018

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7 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

7 Ingenious Tricks and Life Hacks for Your Smartphone. They will help you overcome some everyday problems and make your life much easier. And don’t miss a cool bonus tip at the end! Nowadays smartphones not only have numerous features of their own but also allow you to download multiple apps for any possible situation and purpose. TIMESTAMPS Measure a distance 1:12 Test your remote control batteries 2:25 Control your phone without touching it 3:20 Drive safely 4:10 Send texts from your PC 5:02 Make better decisions 5:54 Keep yourself safe 6:59 BONUS 8:09 SUMMARY - Download the app called SizeUp, which will let you measure anything you need quickly and easily. This app will help you deal with any challenge in the blink of an eye thanks to its ability to measure almost anything through your phone’s camera. Just run the program, point the camera at the object, and wait for the result. - Take the remote control, point it at the camera, and press any button. If you see a red or pinkish light coming from the tip of the remote when you look at it through your phone’s display, it means the infrared signal is working properly and the problem, in this case, is the batteries. - Wave Control is available for both Android and iOS devices. While using this app, you can launch music and video players or answer calls with a wave of your hand without worrying about getting dirt all over your screen while cooking or cleaning. - If you’re driving in the dark and want to keep your eyes constantly on the road, you can download a certain app called Hudway, which will come in handy. This app helps you drive more safely, especially when it's raining or snowing outside. It also clears the vision, when there's fog. - With the app called Mighty Text, you won’t miss a thing! It syncs your phone and computer or tablet and gives you the opportunity to manage SMS and MMS from your email. All messages linked to your phone number will appear on your computer screen, and you can also find them in your phone’s text inbox. - To save your time and make the decision-making process a little bit easier, name your options, set characteristics, and let this app called Decision Crafting suggest the best choice instantly. The app makes the final decision after considering all the pros and cons of each choice and comparing them to one another based on different criteria. - If you often come home late in the evening and feel unsafe on the streets, there's an app called Bsafe, which may help to calm your nerves and deal with any potential danger. It will not only send an SOS message to your emergency contacts but will also record video and audio, track your GPS location, and set a timer that will automatically send an alarm to friends if you don’t turn it off in time. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Google Pixel 3 XL Unboxing Hands On & Overview

Google Pixel 3 XL the flagship android phone by Google for 2018 Unboxing & Overview it has a 6.3" QHD+ OLED Screen powered by Snapdragon 845 SOC, 4GB RAM and 64/128 GB storage it has a 12.2MP rear facing camera and dual front facing 8MP camera a regular and a wide angle lens it has wireless charging and 3430 mah battery. It would be available in India via flipkart In india the Pixel 3 is priced as follows: Pixel 3 (64GB): ₹71,000 Pixel 3 (128GB): ₹80,000 Pixel 3 XL (64GB): ₹83,000 Pixel 3 XL (128GB): ₹92,000

TOP 10 Best Smartphones 2018 ! (4K @960fps, 6/8 GB RAM )

Download Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery Software: Here is the TOP 10 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2018 ! .All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup.As in this year,it is a very good time to buy a new phones. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Click Here to Subscribe:

Google Pixel 3 event in 12 minutes

Months of leaks were finally confirmed at the Pixel 3 event today in New York City where Google just unveiled its newest flagship Android phone and a few new devices, including the Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub. Unlike a typical Google event, the company announced its new lineup at the top of the hour and made the products immediately available for preorder before the event even concluded. Subscribe: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Read More: Community guidelines: Wallpapers from The Verge: Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:

Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world. Sirin Labs Solarin - FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Google Plus -

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The dual selfie 🤳 camera 📷 Smartphone


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