The Skyrim Legacy | The Game That Refuses to Die

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Fallout 4 After the Hype | A Dissapointing Wasteland?

It is 2017 and Fallout 4 can finally be looked at without the hype, with an objective eye, so what became of this game? In this Fallout 4 review of its status as a part of this franchise we are going to examine the game from every perspective with or without mods. Was Bethesdas Fallout 4 a review of what not to do with the franchise, a playground for mods, or a genuinely great gaming experience? The game was one of the most hyped releases of the past decade and one of the top selling games of the current generation, but did it do enough to earn those accolades.

Skyrim: Special Edition - 10 Things To Know When Starting a New Game

Skyrim gets a remaster and with it some first time players. Here are some tips for beginners starting Skyrim for the first time. Thumbnail art via: (Christopher Greaves) ✸Subscribe for more:

Skyrim legendary difficulty glitchless 1:28:08 World record speedrun

Single-segment speedrun of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim played on the hardest difficulty on 26.10.2015 by quho aka knifechamber. Timing starts when you gain control of character and ends when Alduin is defeated in Sovngarde. Finally a run I'm totally happy with. Only real mistake was not leveling up at Thalmor Embassy due to being greedy (wanted to save the level up for stamina at Riften). But oh well. Also I have never gotten shot by the Falmer archer in a run before (only in practice, that's why quick save), but now I got shot twice :/. And lastly, Thugs appeared at the first Alduin fight, which made me lose loads of time. Other than that, I'm very happy with the run. You can't really do much about hired thugs appearing or not, rng is rng. For now I think I'm going to keep a little pause from speedrunning this game :) Glitchless means to complete the game without using any glitches. This is (to list some): -No OOB and any kind of clipping -No object jumping (bucket jump, yolo bucket) -No use of quicksave/quickload for skipping dialogs -No use of unlimited stamina (torch/qs&ql glitch) For this reason for example I didn't get Throat of the world waypoint early on horse as it is quite impossible to get up there without clipping. Q:Shoudn't enemies disable wait & fast travel? A:I run out of enemies' sight before wait or fast travel. At some points the line between being able to fast travel or not is very close. Q:What's with all that quicksaving? A:I'd rather quicksave 100 times than lose a great run like this ;). Being 4:30 mins ahead is super. Q:Why pause on loading screens? A:I use program called Livesplit for timing, it has an extension which pauses automatically during loadscreens. You have to do that, or else people with bad computer and thus long loading screens could never compete with rich people who have fast computers. In sportslike competing, skill is the thing, not money. I use OBS for streaming at Twitch and Livesplit for splits. Game was played on the latest Steam version and no mods, cheats or console was used (aka Vanilla gameplay). tags: any% wr walkthrough playthrough guide speed run HD no mod glitch exploit

Things You Can Only Do In Skyrim VR

👌THINGS YOU CAN ONLY DO IN SKYRIM VR 2: 👌New Merch: 💅MUSIC BY JIPPY: Twitch► Discord► Instagram►@GeneralSam123

20 trucs chiants dans Skyrim

Skyrim est mon jeu préféré, il me semble donc parfaitement logique de lui rendre hommage en présentant 20 points que je trouve pénibles dans ce jeu. Musique de l'intro et de la conclusion : Pacific Sun de Nicolai Heidlas Si cette vidéo vous a plu et que vous souhaitez suivre mes créations : Facebook : Twitter :!/LinksTheSun Contact pro : Discord de la communauté LinksTheSun : Et vous pouvez participer financièrement à l'amélioration de la chaîne LinksTheSun sur Tipeee :

In 2017 Skyrim is still acting a system seller all across gaming over six years after the games original release. With skyrim switch hitting store shelves and coming to psvr, the game is still at the forefront of the medium mods and all. How is this possible? How can a single game retain so much relevancy for this period of time in todays web enabled world? Bethesda has made sure that skyrim is still just as fun no matter if you're playing on nintendo switch or using every mod created but there's so much more to it than that. Or is there?

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