Battery Troubleshooting & Connecting Batteries #2

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How To Connect 6 Volt Batteries in SERIES and PARALLEL for SOLAR

Create a 450 Amp Hour 12 volt battery bank using four 6 volt deep cycle batteries for your off-grid solar-powered RV, camper, tiny house, van, or boat. Links to batteries and cables are listed below. SUPPORT US BY SHOPPING ON AMAZON PARTS I USED TO WIRE MY BATTERY BANK 225 Ah 6 Volt AGM BATTERIES (on Amazon): (individual battery) (pack of 4 that I installed) 1/0 AWG BATTERY CABLES (on Amazon) 6" Red Cable - 6" Black Cable - 12" Red Cable - 12" Black Cable - MORE ABOUT THIS EPISODE I upgraded my RV's 12 volt battery bank to 450 amp hours using four 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries ordered from I connected the four 225 Ah 6 volt batteries using a series parallel configuration. Each pair of batteries are connected in series, then the pairs are joined together in parallel. The result is a 12 volt battery bank with plenty of capacity to power an RV or small off-grid tiny home for a couple days depending on your needs. Link to full article: BATTERY CONNECTION TIPS: CONNECTING IN SERIES (two 6 volt batteries) (HOW) Connect positive terminal on battery A to negative terminal on battery B. (RESULT) Output Voltage is added together (12 volts total). Amp Hours remain the same. CONNECTING BATTERIES in PARALLEL (two 12 volt battery pairs) (HOW) Connect positive output terminal on battery pair A to positive on battery pair B. Connect negative terminal on battery pair B to negative terminal on battery pair B. (RESULT) Output voltage remains the same (12V) and Amp Hours are added together (doubled) GET Q&A and BONUS CONTENT as an INSIDER This video addresses these topics: How to connect six volt batteries Wiring 6 volt batteries in series and parallel How to hook up 4 6 volt batteries for 12 volts 6 volt batteries for RV trailer #diy #rvlife #vanlife #solar #offgrid #tinyhome #power #batteries MY GEAR: Main Camera: Action Camera: Camera Lense: External Camera Microphone: Main Tripod: Compact Tripod: Video Editing Software: Portable Audio Recorder: DISCLAIMER The opinions expressed in our videos are our own or from a contributor. Before taking on any project or making a large purchase, we recommend you do your own research and consult a professional for advice. We are NOT liable for any damage to your RV or injury incurred as a result of following our tips, advice or instructions. We are not RV professionals or certified technicians. We are simply RV owners who work on our own RVs and have a desire to share what we learn with others. Be responsible and know your limits. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE We often provide links to items featured in videos. These links may link to merchants with affiliate programs such as who may pay us a small commission on purchases you make. Using those links is a great way to support our videos.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Recovery Mikey shows how to clean, open, refill, desulfate and test a totally dead sealed lead acid battery. - UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies) - electric bicycles / skateboards - giant flash lights - etc.

DIY \\ The Chain Wrench

If you want to get access to exlusive content then become a patreon at: HABU's Tip Cup: Thank you!! And don't forget to: #thumbupordown #Subscribe #Share Music by: David Cutter Music - Disclaimer: This is NOT a instuctional "step-by-step" "how to" video! It is just an inspiration for you, and also an advertising for my person and skills... Hassan Abu-Izmero(HABU)

How to clean a corroded battery terminal (AA or AAA)

In this video, I'll show you how to clean up the corrosion on your (AA or AAA) battery terminals. That blue stuff is very hard to be removed even with a metal wire brush. I will also talk about the chemical process behind this.

How To Grout Tile: Correct Technique Makes It Easy

Demonstration of tile grouting technique using correct technique, with tips for best practices. Grouting may seem scary, but it doesn't need to be. Forget the long, involved process they probably told you about at the home center. I've been doing it this way for two decades and the results are perfect.

Quick tips on how to and how not to connect car batteries and marine deep cycle batteries.
Think of using a hammer just to tap the cable over the terminal?
Use battery pliers or terminal spreaders instead.
Hammering a battery terminal can easily break the weld inside the battery.

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