Troubleshooting iPads and Apps

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Basic Network Troubleshooting : Internet Connection Down

Basic Network Troubleshooting : Internet Connection Down This course is designed for two groups of people. The first several videos are geared towards the individual with no networking knowledge who, while working at home, loses their Internet connectivity. At that point, the question to be answered is, “Is the problem something I can fix with my home equipment…or do I need to call my ISP and complain?” This course will walk you through the process of determining the answer to that question. The second set of videos is aimed at the new Network Administrator who, upon receiving calls from employees about a loss of Internet connectivity, must determine if the problem is with their Default Gateway, or another device. If you would like to view the entire course, visit to sign up for an All Access Pass!

Fix Google play store error 495 while downloading or updating apps

This video also answers some of the queries below: error code 495 google play server error google play services update error cant download apps from play store error code 495 google play store google play store update error google play store download problem how to fix google play error Hello everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel and in this video today we will see how to fix google play store error 495 while downloading apps from play store. This generally occurs while you are trying to download apps from WiFi. 1. Clear Cache and data from Google play store and Google services Framework a. Go to "Settings" - "Applications" - "Applicaion Manager" and "All'. b. Select "Google play store". c. Select "clear data" and "clear cache". d. Select "google play services". e. Select "Clear cache". 2. uninstall updates from Google play store and re-install updates 3. Remove Gmail account and add it again 4. use a VPN software Sometimes some apps can't be downloaded because it may be restricted by your internet service provider. For example in China all the citizens may not be able to access Facebook. In that case you can download VPN software and install in your android phone and try to download apps. Watch some of other popular videos of our channel: How to check who is using your WiFi 2 ways to reset forgotten gmail password Solve computer proxy server problem refusing connection What to do if you can't connect to wireless interent Remove VPN settings from iphone and browse internet faster How to reset forgotten apple id password with the help of an email address How to transfer mp3 songs from computer to iPhone without iTunes How to recover both apple id and password This channel is about technology related tips and tricks. You will find tutorials related to computer, iphone and android phones. Follow me on: Like our pages:http://www.kundanstech

Samsung z4(Hindi)-Troubleshooting and fixing the apps disappearing issue

Samsung z4(Hindi)-Troubleshooting and fixing the apps disappearing issue Best buy link:

WhatsWeb App

Clone whatsapp on Tablet and Mobiles, multi Whatsapp accounts, Whatsapp web Control whatsapp from another device read messages and much more - download now on play store

The Problem with Phone Cases!

The best 5% of smartphone cases are great. The rest? Pointless. Featured Carbon fiber One M8 skin: Video Gear I use: Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over ~

What to do if your iPad stops working

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