Tokyo Xanadu eX+ | Temple of Evil Mist & Boss: Malice Claw

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Tokyo Xanadu - PS Vita Review - Tarks Gauntlet

Falcoms Xanadu series has been going since 1985 but has always struggled to maintain an audience in the west. Consider buying this game at my amazon affiliate link! Vita: PS4 (Xanadu EX+): PS4 CE: With the recent successes with YS and the Trails series can falcom continue their fantastic streak of quality handheld JRPG's? Check out the review and find out for yourself! Tokyo Xanadu is the latest entry in the Xanadu series and it comes to the west on the Playstation Vita. In fall 2017 Tokyo Xanadu EX+ will be releasing on the ps4 with updated sound, visuals and additional content, but if you want this game to be portable the original Vita version is where you need to be, and you can thank Aksys for their localisation! PSN: Tarks_Gauntlet Amazon Wishlist: Donations: - Cause this cancer ain't cheap!

Unser Schulsystem ist Mist! | Harald Lesch

Harald Lesch in seinem ersten richtigen Rant auf diesem Kanal: Warum das deutsche Schulsystem uns alle verblödet. Dieses Video ist eine Produktion des ZDF, in Zusammenarbeit mit objektiv media. Grafiken: Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell - Abonnieren? Einfach hier klicken - Mehr Informationen zu Terra X findet ihr hier - "Leschs Kosmos" gibt es auf dieser Seite - Terra X bei Facebook -

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY - All XL Mirage Summons & Finishing Attacks

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY All XL Mirage Summons & Finishing Attacks 0:00 - Cerberus Ability : Sonic Fangs 0:30 - Behemonster Ability : Heave 0:52 - Iron Giant Ability : Grand Sword 1:09 - Adamantoise Ability : Pressure 1:45 - Bismarck Ability : Crusher 1:58 - Leviathan Ability : Tidal Wave 2:39 - Diabolos Ability : Ultimate Terror 3:21 - Odin Ability : Gungnir & Zantetsuken 4:20 - Bahamut Ability : Megaflare 5:20 - Ultima Weapon Ability : Full Power! 6:00 - Omega God Ability : Atomic Impact 7:09 - XG (Xenogears) Ability : Kishin ■Main scenario ■All Champion Summons ■Balthier Champion Summon ■Mirage Ability Scenes ■KINGDOM HEARTS Sora Champion Summon ■List - WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY

Darkness Rises | Charaktervorstellung & Als Assassin in die Story

►Homepage: ►Darkness Rises Playlist: ►Abonnieren: ►Gesamten Playlists: ►Projekte Liste: ►Gerne kann man auch mit Donation unterstützen: ~Darkness Rises~ Gameplay von GigaTobi" (2018) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Komponenten: ►Astro Gaming A50 Headset Bundle, Wireless Dolby 7.1 inklusive MixAmp ►Razer DeathAdder Elite Chroma Gaming Maus ►Razer DeathStalker Chroma Gaming Tastatur ►Razer Seirēn X - USB Kondensator-Mikrofon ►Playstation 4 Pro ►Elgato Game Capture HD60 S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Livestream: -Google+ Fan Page lasst Mir einen Plus da ;) -Facebook Profil zum Abonnieren: -Facebook Seite: -Twitter: -Anime Liste:,... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tokyo Xanadu (Vita/PSTV) Review

This is my review of the PS Vita and PSTV version of Tokyo Xanadu! If you'd like to donate, hit up my PayPal.Me page!

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