Chery Arrizo TE (Turbo) Review Documentary by Sebghat Azad Group

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Actuoto : Chery Arrizo 5, tout est #possible (2/3), L'intérieur

Chery avait commencé par introduire en gros 2 modeles, la QQ et la E3 (essai que vous pouvez consulter sur les liens suivants,, et Cette fois ci Chery va encore plus loin avec une berline un peu plus grosse et surtout beaucoup mieux lotie pour un peu démontrer que Chery Peut faire des choses à la hauteur des européennes tout en étant compétitive au niveau du prix.

رینگ اسپرت؛ نقد و بررسی چری آریزو ۵ توربو

چری آریزو ۵ توربو به عنوان یکی از جدیدترین خودروهای چینی در بازار ایران شناخته می‌شود. مدل تنفس طبیعی آریزو ۵، پیش‌تر در بازار ایران عرضه شد اما شهریور امسال، مدل قوی‌تر این خودرو در ایران رسما رونمایی شد و به زودی شاهد حضور آن در خیابان‌های شهر خواهیم بود. در این قسمت از مستند رینگ اسپرت می‌خواهیم این خودرو را برای اولین‌بار مورد نقد و بررسی قرار دهیم و مزایا و معایب آن را برشماریم.

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Chery Arrizo 5 TestDrive on Ice

See through Rotary Engine in Slow Motion - (Wankel Engine) 4K

I Run a See-through Rotary (Wankel) engine and Film it in Slow Motion so we can see how the combustion process works, aka Wankel Rotary engine. here you can also see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel), while it's running in full view to see just visually witness how a combustion process differs from the piston engine counterpart. First ever See Through Rotary Engine Series on YouTube or anywhere in the world. Have you ever wondered how a Wankel engine works differently from a conventional piston engine then you're watching The Right video, because with my see-through angle engine you can see inside the combustion chamber as the engine is running while I film it with high speed cameras to show you how the Wankel combustion process works. This is the first episode of the see-through rotary engine series and the second season of The see-through engine series. So make sure to go to the playlist tag and check out the entire series of see-through Engine videos, the second season starts soon. Check Out Legit street cars channel here: 👊 ►Subscribe to get notified when we post new episodes and videos. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE: Heres our Google Plus: 🌟 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: 🐦 ► Twitter: 👍 ► Facebook: ◙ ► Instagram: ☢ ► IMDB: Please leave any opinions suggestions or comments Below and don't forget to check out our other videos and subscribe , we have many more videos on the way. Thank you. Watch this in 4k whether you have a 4k tv or not, it looks incredibly insane, in a good way. its awesome ! Directed By: Matt Mikka Carbon 12 Matt Mikka

This documentary was made to test & review Chery Arrizo TE with Turbocharger engine. This Chery car is manufactured by Modiran Khodro in Iran and this video is made by Sebghat Azad Group which is specialized in Car review. In order to see more information, go to
Or see @cheryir Instagram Page

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