The Cuphead Anomaly | The Real Problems With Difficulty

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The Call of Duty Reality | An Agressively Average Phenomenon

Call of Duty WW2 has come into 2018 and put on full display the reality behind this series. Whether its call of duty ww2 zombies or simply the multiplayer, what you have is an experience that defines average. The same could be said for black ops 3 and really every release of the past couple of years, gamings best selling franchise is far from its best game. Its time to look at call of duty ww2 and do a review of what this series is in its entirety, look at it from every angle and examine mediocrity.

HOW ANGRY CAN ONE MAN GET? | Cuphead - Part 1

It's finally time. I've put this off for far too long. It's time to play Cuphead... Now I've heard some rumors that this game is HARD and RAGE-INDUCING but I'll have you know that I am incredibly skilled when it comes to playing games so there's really nothing they can do to stop me! LET'S PLAY!!

Why Are So Many Horror Games Terrible? | The Resident Evil Conundrum

The year of 2017 has been a pretty good year for horror games but the reality is that most of this genre of gaming is borderline terrible. The horror genre as a whole has been on decline but releases like resident evil 7 pose an interesting question. Horror game reactions have become the light that shines on this genre unfortunately but some of the best horror games of the year show that experiences like evil within 2 are still very worthy of gamers attentions. The worst games in the genre are a far cry from the best, but let's take a look at what makes the genre so polarizing.

LGBT In Gaming | Missing the Point

With games like dream daddy hitting the gaming community in 2017, it's a good time to look at lgbt in gaming and see what games aren't doing when it comes to treating gay and lgbt characters properly. We are going to be taking aim specifically at the AAA space and how AAA developers have treating lgbt characters and games in the echelons of video game history and a look at the gay characters that have come out of this space. We are also going to examine why these problems exist and what the future looks like for the lgbt community in games.

Cuphead VS the Fandom

Coming soon: Cuphead the movie more garbage ► Twitter ► PYRO SUBREDDIT ► ► Facebook ------------- ► Steam Group ------- ► Instagram ----------- ► Twitch ----------------- ► Tumblr ----------------- Game ► Cuphead (duh) Intro / outro music ► Whitewoods - Beachwalk

Cuphead is officially one of 2017 hardest games and without a question one of the most interesting within the gaming landscape. In this cuphead review of difficulty we are going to be looking at the talk surrounding difficulty throughout the entirety of the gaming community and use new releases like mario odyssey and cuphead as points of reference. This will allow us to examine the questions that are most often asked, are games too easy? Can a game be too hard and is cuphead one of the games that is too difficult? Let's review all of these questions and hopefully come to a reasonable conclusion.

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