Android App Review: Wifi Analyzer

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How to choose the best channel for your Wi-Fi

A few tips to remember about choosing the channel for your WLAN. If a neighboring network has a relatively high amplitude level and overlaps with your Wi-Fi channel, you may want to consider a new channel. Avoid channels that have a lot of wireless networks. If you have more than one access point, alternate the channels between 1, 6 and 11. Learn more at:

How to use Wifi Analyzer app on Android Tutorial demo by geoffmobile

Geoff from shows off a really cool and useful Android app, called "Wifi Analyzer by Farproc" which allows you to see the channels and strengths of the competing wifi routers in your home and nearby. Please subscribe :) Link to the app (Wifi Analyzer by Farproc): Hope you found this demo helpful. :) Here is some more info on how this app can be used: When a wifi router communicates, it uses a channel for its signal. However, there are only around 10 channels available, and if there are too many routers on the same channel the data transfer speed may be slower or you may even lose your connection. By identifying the strengths of the different wifi signals that are competing with your own wifi router, as well as the channels that they are set to, you can identify possible issues with your wifi router and also may be able to manually set your router's channel to a different channel to avoid competing with nearby routers. To change your router's channel, please see the user manual for your router. It usually involves logging into the router's configuration screen using a web browser set to a certain IP address, and username and password for your router. Any questions please let me know and I'll try to help :) Cheers, Geoff

WiFi Analyzer - Analyze your wireless connection - Download Video Previews Optimize your wireless Internet connection with the WiFi Analyzer app for Android.

Wifi Analyzer - Android App Review ;- Previously reviewed in episode 10, Lane updates us on what's new with this Wifi Utility for Android.

Make Android Auto-Select the Strongest Wi-Fi Connection for You [How-To]

Always Connect to the Best Wi-Fi Signal [Android] Full Tutorial: Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make your phone always connect to the Wi-Fi network with the greatest signal strength. For people that connect to Wi-Fi repeaters at home or at work, Android does a poor job of severing the initial connection and establishing a new one with the closest access point. Instead of dealing with this, simply use "Wi-Fly" to create a group of Wi-Fi access points that you commonly use at one location, then the app will ensure that you're always connected to the one with the best signal. For more information and download links, check out the full tutorial over on Gadget Hacks using the link above.

Some times you have a poor WiFi signal and you just do know why. That's where WiFi Analyzer comes in. It will help you determine signal strength, what other wifi access points around as well as what channel they are broadcasting on. There are plenty of other things that WiFi Analyzer can do, but to find out you will have to watch.

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