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The Town of Light - Grand Finale - The Worst Thing Imaginable

The Town of Light reaches its horrific ending, and however bad things have been so far, this is much worse. The Town of Light on Steam - Find us on Reddit Follow us on Twitter Support us on Patreon Find us on Facebook The music track is Fanfare for Space, by Kevin MacLeod ( Additional graphics from

The Town of Light [1] - THE PATIENT & THE DOLL

Game: ($19) "The Town of Light" is a new psychological horror game. And by that I mean - fair warning - this is a very walky game which mainly involves reading notes and going on fetch quests. Thanks for watching! PLAYLISTS - Facebook - Twitter - Upload schedule - Outro art by - Lauren Bennett - Outro music by - postmanfromtown - Channel avatar by - Kat Wynn -

The Town of Light - 100% Trophy Guide + Full Walkthrough(All Story Paths, All Collectibles) - BLSG

Howdy, We are here with our first Trophy Guide and walk through. Please be aware that this has some pause in it due and is a more realistic run time. I pinged the scene for collectibles that glitched. Most importantly I made this due to other guides missing key parts that I explain so you don't get frustrated. Please comment, like and subscribe. Please know we will only get better at this. Thanks Notes: This will have random pauses, this is a realistic trophy run. I put in notes during game play when a collectible happens and what patterns to put in. I also put notations in when you need to replay part of the story. I added to Trophy images when 2 of the trophies that error'ed on me popped. Help us caption & translate this video!

The town of light ending gameplay by pistachio

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The Town of Light ending. I've never seen a labotomy before!

The Town of Light follows Renee, an ex-patient at an insane asylum who tries to reconnect parts of her past.

A decent game to buy, especially when on sale. You can call it a walking simulator, I call it a narritive-driven mystery in an asylum that's based off a real one (still standing) in Italy.

This is the PS4 version.

Thanks for watching!

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