Rodney Dangerfield’s Guide to Auto Repair (1985)

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Rodney Dangerfield - At His Best!!! (You will Die Laughing!!!)

Rodney Dangerfield on the Johnny Carson Show 1983

Rodney Dangerfield Has Dean Martin in Stitches (1972)

One of Rodney Dangerfield’s many appearances on The Dean Martin Show. On this November 23, 1972 recording, he tells the crowd all about his tough neighborhood and his wife. After delivering some great jokes on stage, he sits down with Dino in the cocktail lounge to share some more laughs. Rodney and Dean end up agreeing that neither of them gets enough respect. 00:23 “In my neighborhood, everybody’s tough. Even the people in business. There’s a bank on my block. If you open a savings account, they give you a free carving knife and point out two victims.” 00:39 “Everytime I set the alarm, my wife turns it off. She says what I earn, it don’t pay to get up.” Subscribe to channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Dean Martin & Rodney Dangerfield 4/5/1973

W.C. Fields - The Diner Sketch

[From "Kovacs Corner" on] - William Claude Dukenfield, known professionally as W.C. Fields, with his bizarre and iconoclastic sense of humor, certainly influenced Ernie Kovacs. It had been written that when Fields delivered the story outline of this 1941 film, "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break", the suits at Universal Studios thought the film was so surreal that they recut and reshot parts of it. After which they quietly released the film to movie theaters and Fields from his contract. This sketch, featuring character actress Jody Gilbert, gives a new meaning to the term "customer service". [Updated October 16, 2010] I found this in the Wikipedia dictionary... "Gosha" is also the beloved name of "Chuminji", a cute and baby Indian god of good health. He is favourite of pink-rosy cheeked plump kids. Hithero popular with small kids, the god is supposed to be childlike. He is offered "pohe" (an indian dish consisting of flattened rice) and "gulaabjaamuns" (also known as "waffle balls", it a dough consisting mainly of milk solids and flour in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron) in worship. He rides on a duck and keeps a rabbit as an advisor and a cat as bodyguard. He lives in "Goshdesh". When happy, he blesses anyone with pink skin and plenty of fats, making them look babylike. I can only suppose that he was throwing a thinly vailed comment about the waitress' (Jody Gilbert) large stature?


mytalkshowheroes - youtube - 0669 2004

Rodney Dangerfield steps into a mechanic’s shoes in this sketch from his 1985 TV Special “Exposed”. He’s joined by Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith, as well as Morgan Fairchild who plays an unlucky customer. “You ain’t using this car tonight!”

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