troubleshooting problems and solutions

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Huawei Ascend Y600 Hard Reset:Boot loop,stuck on boot,Wrong Password Fix

The Hard Huawei Ascend Y600 is not easily reset, learn to easily manually reset the phone and fix issues such as stuck on boot, boot loop, too many pattern attempts, or if your device is saying wrong password when its right or random restarts. Be warned this will erase all data from your Phone.

Basic Network Troubleshooting - Part 1

Basic network troubleshooting for users with little or no network experience who are using Windows 7, but is also relative to XP and Vista. Ping explained. Wireless network explained. Ipv4 and Ipv6 explained. MAC address explained. General network troubleshoot techniques. NOTE: I do not profess to be a network Guru, I have made this video to help those who have little or no knowledge of networks.

Firmware download for mini laptop/netbook WM8650/VlA 8650 or wespro n720

watch it and save your netbook windows ce, android 2.2, android2.2 v2, android 1.6 and 1.9

What Is A Widget On Android?

Learn more about widgets at In this video, I talk about what an Android widget is and show you some examples of what they can do. An Android widget is an app that can run on your home screen without having to be opened up or even attached to any standalone app. For example, a power control widget allows you to toggle certain wireless connections on and off without it being attached to any app in particular. Yet there are times when a widget is attached to a standalone app, like the scorecenter app which shows you game scores on your homescreen that can lead to opening the full on app when you tap on it. Why are widgets a good thing? Because they make things or information easier to get to on your Android phone. Want the score to the game? Just look at your widget, no need to open (and wait for) the full app. Want to turn off Wi-Fi? Just tap on the wifi icon in your power control widget instead of having to go through the settings. You get the idea. It just makes things much more convenient. Facebook: Twitter: Website:

How To Increase Your Internet Speed - Open DNS Free & Easy

In this video tutorial see How To Increase Internet Speed by using Open DNS service. Instantly learn how to increase your internet speed and experience an increase in your computer speed. This will almost instantly give you faster internet speed on all your computers as you browse and surf the internet. It's simple, easy & free. See how to speed up your browser internet connection without spending money. So go ahead and see how to increase your internet speed for free. This works seamlessly in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 So what is DNS server service anyway? It basically converts ip address numbers into understandable word addresses; like or Whenever you type an address in your browsers address bar, the computer doesn't know where or points to and it will therefore ask the DNS server to convert and translate. Give directions in english so to speak and therefore it will then know where to take you when you make an internet domain site request. Open DNS servers store the IP addresses of millions of websites requests in their cache so it takes less time to resolve your requests. Unlike the DNS servers automatically provided by your less reliable ISP, you will get a reply 9 times out of 10 instantly faster. Do you want some other ways to increase your Internet speed. Here's my other video to help you out: "How To Increase Your Internet Speed + Google Chrome Speed Test"

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