Woman Abandons Dogs on Street Before Driving Off

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This Woman Has Saved Hundreds of Dogs From a 'Dumping Ground' Over 7 Years

Judy Obregon rescued her first dog from a Texas "dumping ground" in Fort Worth nearly seven years ago, and that's when her journey of dog rescuing began. Obregon didn't expect saving one stray dog would lead to more than 300 animal rescues. She started "The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue," an organization that saves dogs and aspires to find them loving homes. InsideEdition.com's Keleigh Nealon (https://twitter.com/KeleighNealon) has more.

Dog Swam 6 Miles, Walked 12 More To Reunite With Family After Falling Off Boat

A 10-month-old puppy swam six miles and walked twelve more to find her family after going overboard during a boating trip on Lake Michigan. Rylee is a Belgian Malinois who was determined to make it home. Her owners put out a mayday call boaters all over the area were searching for her. One boater claimed to have pulled Rylee out of the water and dropped her off on a nearby beach. Rylee was found the next day in the woods after someone called her owners to say the dog was spotted in the area.

Football Team Lifts SUV to Free Woman Trapped Underneath

A team of teenage football players worked together to lift an SUV off a man and woman trapped underneath on a highway near the Oregon border Wednesday. The Idaho football team known as The Black Knights was heading home to Boise from a tournament in California when the SUV flipped over right in front of them. When their coach pulled over, the boys jumped out and got to work. Inside Edition caught up with head coach Rudy Jackson and player Garret Petersen.

Rats Invaded These Famous Restaurants When Business Closed for the Night

Rats running around in the open are a plague many major cities face but what happens when restaurants close for the night? The Inside Edition "Rat Patrol" headed to Philadelphia to see if rodents run amok once restaurants close their doors. The team visited well-known spots, including Jim's Steaks and Shake Shack, and they were shocked by what they found.

Friendly Dog Wags Its Tail as Burglar Prowls Around Home

A burglar broke into a Massachusetts home and was greeted by the family's friendly dog who did not bark or attack him. Even when the dog wandered outside, the burglar was nice enough to call the dog back inside after he finished roaming around the house. A recent Inside Edition investigation showed that a dog would be most likely to take off when confronted by a pretend burglar. InsideEdition.com's Keleigh Nealon (http://twitter.com/KeleighNealon) has more.

This woman is about to abandon four dogs on a dead-end street in Texas. A witness who lives there is outraged by what she sees. She lets her know there's another option. Edith Melendez says taking dogs to the shelter is free but has seen people abandon dogs in front of her house before. Edith says the tape only shows four dogs, but that's not the whole story. Three of the dogs were found and brought to a local shelter, where they were given the names put up for adoption.

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